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“One of Those Days” Kayak Fishing at Tropical Point Park, Florida

Jeff Taubes is an avid kayak fisherman from Cape Coral, FL.
Says Jeff:
-“Today was one of those days were you catch one on every cast. I launched out of Tropical Point Park in St James City. This is on the south side of Pine Island. It is a spectacular grass flat and has become one of my favorite spots. Luckily there was a young lady reading a book at the launch and she was able to snap a photo for me.”

kayak fisherman standing in his kayak holding 2 trout he caught, Tropical Point, FL

fish tooth - kayak fishing trip, Tropical Point, FL

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Another Good Day For Wayne Taylor Kayak Bass Fishing In Florida

Fishing for bass has been Wayne’s passion for decades.
However, fishing out of an ordinary fishing kayak was out of the question for him, as it would be for most anglers. Several years ago, when he was 68 years old, he got himself an early W300 model, and outfitted it with a pair of rowing oars – He needed the extra precision in positioning his kayak for casting, and for reeling in the big ones.

Back then, the stabler W500 series was merely at an early research and development stage at Wavewalk.
Having a somehow impaired sense of balance, coupled with a talent for design and craftsmanship, Wayne created a pair of DIY outriggers to fit his his W300 kayak.

Wayne recently wrote us: -“I haven’t made any more modifications to my Wavewalk. It’s set up perfect for me.”

Bass in Fishing Kayak

Bass in Fishing Kayak

Bass in Fishing Kayak

Bass in Fish Net

Bass in Fishing Kayak

Bass in Fish Net

Three years ago, Wayne sent us this video showing him rowing his W300 kayak with deadly precision, from a fish’ standpoint (or should we say ‘swim point’?…).

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Shallow Water Stand Up Kayak Fly Fishing In Tidal Flood Grass, By Kevin Eastman, Florida

I finally got out and did some fly fishing this week with the flood tides. I tied up some spoon flies for the first time and decided to give them a go in the grass.
I got out four days last week for the floods. I saw tails on three of the days, though they were very brief in their appearances and pretty wary. I did manage to stick one fish on two of the days and decided to salvage one of the no red days with a nice Jack on the paddle back. I’m looking forward to the next flood later this month and will hopefully have some more pictures for you then.
Each time I get out in the Wavewalk for flood tide fishing I like it more and more for this purpose. I can cover a lot of water looking for fish and not have to get out to walk the shallow water like a couple of guys in a flats boat had to. They got skunked while I got some fish because of this. Unfortunately we only get a few days a month in the Spring and Fall to do this around here.
I upped the game a little this year by elevating the board that I’ve been using to stand on the seat and pole the W through the shallows. I elevated it above the rim of the kayak by screwing a couple of 2X4s to the board and screwing a section of one inch PVC pipe to the bottom of one 2X4 to lock it in the ribs on the W’s saddle. It worked out real well for me and gives me a nice elevation to scan the flats for tails. It’s not something you want to use al lot in open water but in the flooded grass it works great, you just have to be a little careful when crossing the larger open creeks in the flats. I haven’t taken a swan dive yet. The elevated platform also make a great seat for paddling and is almost perfect chair height.
Cheers, Kevin


Tracks of fly fishing kayak in the flooded grass, high tide, Florida

Tracks Left By W Kayak In The Flooded Grass

stand up kayak rigged for fly fishing in tidal flood grass, Florida


Redfish caught on a fly, in a stand up kayak, shallow water tide flood grass areas, FL

First Red

red fish swimming in the flooded grass, next to the kayak

fish hooked by fly kayak fisherman


jack caught by fly kayak fisherman, in flooded grass, Florida

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Gary VS. Jaws – Yak VS. Shark… a New Kayak Fishing Trip Report From Florida

I had a nice week in Titletown catching several bass in a nearby lake using my sister’s W and one of Jeff’s Emmrods, which fit nicely in my travel case. Then, back home in Florida, Dick Sherman joined me today at Ozello where we got some nice seatrout and missed a couple of redfish. I also got my first topwater Jaws. I think I got real lucky getting him in on a 15lb test leader with those choppers. The same lure got the bass, trout and jaws.
I actually saw his fin in the water moving toward the lure but didn’t think he’d strike a surface lure. Don’t know how he missed sawing off the line after a 40 minute battle.
Gary Rankel
shark caught in fishing kayak, Ozello, FL

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