Wavewalk S4 vs big powerboat at high speed

By Captain Larry Jarboe

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  1. fish

    Ha ha!

    I wish I was there driving that S4!!

    Thanks Larry, awesome clip!


  2. Bassman

    In order to access many of my secret spots where few other vessels reach, I have to both motor and paddle. The W700 and the S4 models are next generation kayak/twin hull skiffs that truly meet the need for exploring the Keys.

    But, the S4 is definitely the best dive boat because the forward deck makes a superior swim platform.

    Larry J.

  3. fish

    There’s a lot to discover about the S4, as well as about this new class of high performance dual propulsion watercraft.
    This is not a motorized kayak, because a motorized kayak is basically a lame paddle craft that gets borderline ridiculous when propelled with a motor.
    This is something else.

  4. Bassman

    When we filled out the registration and title paperwork at the Fla. tax collectors office, the clerk asked which category most properly defined the S4. “Open Motorboat” was the box that I checked off.

    Works for me. But, she paddles so nicely, too.

    Larry J.

  5. fish

    The S4 certainly fits this description as far as looks and performance go, but just in order to avoid misunderstanding on the part of some people who read this thread: Legally speaking, the S4 is a kayak. 100% Kayak.
    Amazing, isn’t it? 🙂

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