Review of my Wavewalk 500 with an electric trolling motor and transportation wheels (video)

By Eric Klimstra

Ontario, Canada

I was lucky enough for someone to be selling their Wavewalk on kijiji and I became the proud owner of this 500T.

I was at a pike tournament this weekend and I was taped showing off my new ‘toy’ … I thought you’d want the video so here you go:



I was meaning to do a video when I was done setting it up but of course the cool design blew this guy away and he offered to do one. Tonnes of people asked me about it and I demo’d on the water how stable it was for most.

I made the wheel system and use the inexpensive red carabiner style ropes to keep it with me when I go in the water.

I still plan to do some more tweaks over time but this first time out was a blast.

Keep up the good work… I think a 700 is going to be in my future so I can fit a couple people comfortably for fishing.


  1. fish

    Thank you very much, Eric.

    I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying your W500, and I like your wheel system! 🙂


  2. Pyt Rotary

    You lucky to get it on Kijiji.
    I got two W500 at full price, but I don’t regret.
    W500 gave me so much good time on water that I don’t’ regret any penny.
    Just got the S4 recently and I am looking to get more fun on the big lakes.
    See you one water Ontarian wave-walker.
    Pyt / Toronto

  3. PackerYaker

    I agree with Yoav – really nice wheel setup. I’ve probably abused my 500 more than any other Wavewalk owner over the years, having dragged it over lots of rough surfaces. Yet, I have only a bunch of minor scratches on the hull bottoms to show for the rough treatment which cause no problem (although I do occasionally wonder if I’ll start seeing water seeping up inside the cockpit one of these days)! I’ll probably try something like you have if I decide to get one of the heavier Wavewalks sometime in the future.

  4. fish

    Indeed, scratches are negligible, but dragging a kayak full of fishing gear plus a motor and a battery over a long distance can be hard, which is where wheels can help.

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