Junior Wavewalk team member tests the S4 for the first time

This 18 year old dude took part in the design of the Wavewalk S4, and he enjoys discovering and testing it for this first time 😀



A 6 HP Tohatsu outboard weighing 60 lbs is mounted on this S4, but that’s a negligible problem as far as paddling it is concerned.



  1. PackerYaker

    That’s one super versatile vessel, Yoav. Looks like you definitely need some weight in the rear to counterbalance standing on the platform.

  2. Chris Henderson

    Sweet! I am very impressed with how that handles the weight and how balanced it is. I loved the jumping on the casting platform! Excellent!

    Congratulations on a successful launch!

  3. Pyt Rotary

    Great movie and boat.
    The dude did a great job, he is on the good track for his career.

  4. Bassman

    The S4 looks to be the world’s first true direct from the factory motor yak. And, she is a good paddler, too!

    How many rivers continuously flow in one direction?

    With the S4, anyone who lives on such or near a river can motor upstream and enjoy a leisurely paddle downstream back to the launch point. With a friend, or two, too!

    Simply slap on a motor and go. This is not rocket science.

    But, from the aerodynamic appearance, it could be.

    Larry J.

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