Wavewalk 700 skiff-kayak and Ricky Rods: A winning mangrove fishing combo

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Florida Fishing Kayaks

Yesterday, I took my W700 and a couple rigged Ricky Rods to little Snapper Creek that is virtually inaccessible to any other vessels. Only a motorized kayak can easily go the distance to get in there and back. Within a half hour, I had my limit of 5 legal Mangrove Snapper (over 10″) in my fish bag and hit the dock before a storm rolled in.



Wavewalk and Ricky Rod teamed up to put the limit of good eating snapper on my dock. Looks like we have a winning combination –

My first fishing rod that I purchased in the Keys in 1974 was a solid glass Ricky Rod. That rod set me back six bucks and has caught more species of fish than all my other rods together.
When I ran bottom and chumming charter and commercial fishing trips from my 25′ six-pack diesel powered Kencraft in the 1980’s, Ricky Rods with American made Penn spinning reels put fish in the boat on every trip. No skunk in the box with a Ricky Rod in hand.
About 3 years ago, on a Sunday morning, I spotted the Ricky delivery van at the Yellow Bait House in Key Largo. I pulled over to talk to the old timer who was delivering tackle from the Ricky company.
After telling him how great my first rod still is and how much I like Ricky products, the octogenarian looked at me and said, “Well, I am Ricky!”
Amazed at how the owner of a big Miami company would take such a hands on approach, I listened to his story.
Mr. Ricky came from Cuba many years ago to escape the oppressive Castro regime. He built his company with hard work and fine products that are still reasonably priced. And, he invited me for a personal tour of his company. My buddy, Peg Leg Dan, wants to go with me. He has been fishing a Ricky Rod for as long as I have.
Last week, at the Yellow Bait House, I spotted some short 48″ rods that are perfect for kayak fishing in tight quarters. Yes, they are Ricky Rods. Mr. Ricky is still innovating at eighty plus years old.
So, I bought one and came back for two more.


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  1. fish

    Thanks Larry,

    Great video! It makes it look like landing those snappers on board your W700 is as as picking frozen fish from a fridge in the supermarket 😀

    The winning combination: Wavewalk 700 skiff / kayak + 3.5 HP 20″ Tohatsu outboard motor + Ricky fishing rod.
    And let’s not forget there’s enough room on board for another passenger or fishing buddy to enjoy the combo!


  2. PackerYaker

    Larry………whenever I read one of your articles showing the benefits of motorizing to extend your fishing range, I think about a new 700 or S4. I wonder if you have plans on using the deck on the S4 for sight fishing? Yoav notes that there may need to be a second person or at least a motor on the stern side to counter balance someone standing up front. Being able to improve sight fishing while extending range (with a convenient built-in motor mount) looks to be a real benefit of the S4.

  3. fish

    I’d like to further clarify this Balance point –
    The need for some weight, be it a person or a motor at the stern to balance a full size angler standing on the S4 casting platform is unrelated to lateral stability. It’s due to the fact that the S4 weighs a little less than 100 lbs, namely as much as a typical fishing kayak, and far less than a skiff or a Jon boat that feature a stand up casting platform at their bow.
    The weight at the stern would keep the boat more level, and therefore more comfortable for the angler standing on the platform at the bow.


  4. PackerYaker

    Right, Yoav…….If I get a S4, I’ll definitely not allow my 300lb mother-in-law to stand up on the platform.

  5. fish

    She’ll be fine as long as you sit at the stern 🙂

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