The Wavewalk™ 700 – How is it made? 3D animation movie

The Wavewalk 700 is a two-person boat and tandem fishing kayak that’s and assembled from two rotationally molded parts –
1. The Twinhull includes a left hull, a right hull, and a raised platform in between that joins these twin hulls together.
2. The Saddle is inserted into the cockpit, on top of the Twinhull’s raised platform, and it’s riveted to it. The Saddle is watertight and serves as flotation.
Some models in the W700 series feature a Spray Shield.

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6 thoughts on “The Wavewalk™ 700 – How is it made? 3D animation movie”

  1. Great animated video Yoav. 🙂

    When the first shipment coming, I know you will
    be out in it and making some new and exciting video’s!!

    Can’t wait! 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  2. Thanks Rox,

    I can’t wait to get out there in a W700!
    The W700 first mold (the Saddle) is done, including Teflon coating, and it will be shipped tomorrow to its final destination at the factory that makes our W kayaks. We’ll start producing W700 saddles as soon as this mold gets there.
    The second, bigger mold, of the Twinhull part, is planned to ship on Friday to the Teflon coating facility. The Teflon coating people promised us a swift service, so we’re looking at a short time, although to me it looks like an eternity 🙂


  3. Watched the video 3 times. That saddle can be modified for a 12v battery pack. The Minnkota Riptide series are great marine elec. trolling motors. The one on Dock Holliday in the Featured Story pic has taken the 20′ Shamrock home more than once. 45 lbs. thrust on the Wavewalk 700. Hmm… No fumes. One moving part (the armature). Low maintenance. Just thinking.

    Larry J.

  4. Larry,

    “That saddle can be modified”… -Indeed it can be, but I wouldn’t go there if I were you.
    So far, anyone who’s tried to introduce structural modifications in a W kayak came up with not-so-good results. Some of these projects aren’t even shown on our website because they’re too ‘graphic’ and might shock our visitors …
    If you’re thinking electric motors, the optimal solution is to use a pair of smaller size batteries and place one at the bottom of each hull. The benefit of placing those heavy objects down there is that at this location they can increase the boat’s stability by acting as ballast.


  5. I do confirm that. Best stability for the Ws are two batteries at the bottom of the hulls in front and the trolling motor deep down in the back. The heavier the trolling motor the better. I do have 70Lb trolling motor on 24V. It has a weight of 15kg.
    I do use this setup almost 90% of my fishing. Stability is rock solid. I have time to time naps on long trolling sessions. Always have the safety west on you.

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