My Wavewalk 500 in tandem (movie), by Sivanesan Rajan

I bought the Wavewalk Kayak 500 couple of years ago from a a NJ dealer, and I love the kayak very much.
One challenge I was concerned about was how to get back to the wavewalk kayak once you fall off. I came up with a rope ladder which I can launch it if the need arose. But there was never that chance as the kayak was very stable.

I dream of starting a kayak club in India. There is lot of potential for it. The Indian youth are fun loving and will not hesitate to try any new adventures.

Sivanesan Rajan

Queens, New York

Paddling our Wavewalk 500 fishing kayak at Orient Point Long Island –

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3 thoughts on “My Wavewalk 500 in tandem (movie), by Sivanesan Rajan”

  1. Thanks Rajan,

    Cool movie!
    You guys seem pretty cozy paddling and fishing together in your W500 🙂


  2. The boat moves nicely. One thought… try getting rid of the crate in the front and storing all that fishing gear in the hulls. That would give you a much bigger range of motion for casting and reeling the fish in.

  3. Great Video. 🙂

    Shows just how stable these yaks are, even with two adults.

    Please make a post to show us the ladder you made for getting back in the W500
    if you are in the water.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

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