My W kayak one year later, by Mike Moody

ND-kayak-fisherrman-holding-5-lbs-bassIt’s been over a year since I bought my W and I have fished out of it numerous times so I thought I’d provide another review.



This yak is extremely stable. I have not had a single time on the water where I was worried. Not one. I am able to stand, sit in the riding position (by far the position I spend the most time in) or stretch out my legs with ease. This ability to change positions has helped me stay on the water longer than I would be able to in other yaks. I can’t tell you how good it feels to stand up and stretch after a couple hours of bass fishing. I also love to stand up to paddle around. It allows me to see weed lines, beds and other items that help me catch more fish.

I have to tell you that I own a 17 ft bass boat and it has sat a lot this summer. I really like being able to sneak up on fish with my W. I also enjoy the ability to get into skinny water without a concern about damaging a motor. I have 2 surface mount rod holders and I simply sit my tackle bag in front of me on the saddle but more on rigging in a moment. If anyone has a concern about stability when fighting a fish, don’t worry. I’ve caught some very large Northern Pike and the yak is very stable throughout the fight.

I transport the W in one of two ways; in the back of my truck or on top of my wife’s Subaru. The Subaru is equipped with some crossbars and I use bath rugs to protect the back of the car and just lift the W up onto the back of the trunk and then slid it up on the roof rack. From there I just strap it down. The design of the double hulls makes strapping the W very easy. When I use my truck it’s even easier. Just two straps and away I go. I haven’t used a cart much because where I fish, I just drag it 20-30 ft to the launch across sand.

The W has been a joy to operate. The W tracks very well without a rudder. While wind may grab you a bit more since you are up a bit more than a traditional yak, this seldom poses much of a problem. Once you get used to turning the W, you won’t even think about it. Frankly, I would rather have the solid tracking. Just a note here, I did have to go up and over a log in my W to retrieve one of my favorite lures. I just sat way back and paddled up to the log and then moved all the way forward and I went down the other side.

I have tried many things but found the minimalistic approach is best. I have 2 flush mount rod holders behind me, some rod holding hooks I made out of heavy wire, a collapsible oar and that’s about it. I do have a small tray that I sit on the saddle in front of me that I use to hold onto small items. It’s affixed to the saddle using a couple Velcro strips. I do use on inflatable pad so my butt doesn’t get too sore. I use Velcro to keep it secure.

I have beat the heck out of my W and there are no visible issues except some surface scratches on the bottom from me dragging it all over the north woods. I mean I abuse the poor thing. I weigh 255 and I did get one of those saddle bracket deals. Since mine didn’t come with one (I think they all come with them now), Yoav hooked me up. It was easy to install and I was good. Don’t get me wrong, there wasn’t any sign of stress or anything, Yoav and I were chatting and he said I should have one so I got one and installed it. Believe me, these things are tough.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and will be buying another for my wife in the future.

Mike Moody

North Dakota

largemouth-bass-ND largemouth-bass-North-Dakota largemouth-bass-standing-in-my-kayak


The deer in the one picture were happily eating lilies from the shore as I was fishing.

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7 thoughts on “My W kayak one year later, by Mike Moody”

  1. Thanks Mike,

    This is certainly a most comprehensive review, and it’s interesting to see how your view of the W kayak has changed over time as a result of your personal experience with it, both as a fisherman and as a paddler.
    I find the comparison with a bass boat flattering, and I wonder if one day you’d feel like motorizing your W and enjoy both worlds 😉


  2. Mike,

    So glad you’ve have had a great experience! (Knew you would!) With all of the water we’ve had, your ‘W’ is perfect for any extreme water condition. Stay safe, and keep the reports coming!


  3. When people stay in touch with you and tell you how their W kayak serves them well, it gives you a lot of satisfaction –
    It’s priceless.

    I love it!! 😀


  4. Hello Mike-

    Clear, comprehensive and conclusive. It is a pleasure to read a review like this that is real-world and hype-free. Thanks!


  5. That’s interesting, I’ve never seen deer eating lillies before!

  6. Great fishing and review.

    Those are some Pot Bellied Bass!!! 🙂

    I too, refer to My W500 as a Bass Boat, even better, I can stick this little
    Bass fighting machine inside my Kia Soul, motor and all. 🙂

    Check out what all the W owners have done with their yaks, lots of great info
    for doing it yourself.

    Weather paddling, sailing, or motoring, The W500 is the Best of all worlds.

    Keep those reports coming, and enjoy your W500.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.

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