South Korean Kayak Fishing Trip Report: Beauty, Fun, Fish, and Food

Sungjin and his wife live in South Korea. They took a pair of W kayaks, and went on a fishing and fun trip in the mountains. The beauty of the scenery is breathtaking, and the fishing seems pretty good too!
They cooked a real meal on the beach, and after the trip ended, they dined in a restaurant. What could be better?
Sungjin drove his motorized W outfitted with the 2 hp 4-cycle Honda outboard (it’s the first W fishing kayak that got such a motor!), and towed the second kayak during parts of the trip.

kayak angler drinking coffee next to 2 car topped fishing kayaks

launching 2 fishing kayaks at dawn at lake - South Korea.jpg

motorized fishing kayak towing a second fishing kayak

beautiful scenic lake with 2 beached fishing kayaks

kayak angler paddling her kayak South Korea

stand up kayak fishing South Korean fishing trip

beautiful scenery in kayak fishing trip S Korea

Sungjin's wife fishing from her kayak

success in fishing from kayak - Korea

kayak angler resting in her kayak - Korea

Sungjin showing a fish he caught in his kayak

two beached fishing kayaks and picnic being prepared

the food looks very tasty!

two fishing kayaks on car top in front of Korean restaurant

kayak fisherman dining at local Korean restaurant - Yummy!


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  1. W kayak

    The beautiful life! 🙂

  2. Mike H

    Beauty and serenity – Great story!

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