Rox Rocking On The Waves

New, absolutely amazing motor yak video clip from Rox:

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  1. Sungjin Kim

    I couldn’t realize myself how much fast motorized W500 is.
    I always pull another Wkayak with motorized w500,
    and satisfied with speed in that situation.
    But I never drove my motorized W500 alone.
    This movie shows me the incredible speed.
    I have to test the speed with out pulling another kayak.
    It’s woderfull!

  2. Gary Rankel

    Wow, pretty neat, Rox, but be careful out there – don’t want to see you swimming with the smallies. Some of those waves looked pretty big. You must be excited to extend your fishing range – lots of new places to try.

  3. Rox

    I couldn’t sleep last night, soooooooooooo I put this together.

    Never at any moment did I feel unstable.

    I hit that wake head on un-purpose, and it was awesome!

    Remember, it’s only a 1.2hp outboard, and I was open throttle on flat waters before attempting this windy rough water day.

    I couldn’t have asked for a better example of how well the W500 would handle in a bad situation.

    Now I’m ready for any good weather day to turn into a bad weather day. 🙂

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  4. W kayak

    It’s a great movie, Rox

  5. Kevin

    Rox, nice video. Any idea of what speed you reach with that set up. Can’t wait to get some power on mine. Oh, I would have never expected you to be one to put the video to that music.

  6. Rox

    I have no clue at the speeds, I don’t have a GPS on it.

    All I know is, it was a blast, rough waters and all!

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  7. warren

    i wanna do this too!

  8. Chris


    Great video! Thanks for sharing.


  9. John F.

    The fish are in real trouble now! Even when they are on the other side of the lake.

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