Jesse & Son In A Guerrilla Kayaking Trip, North Carolina

I have posted a 7 minute clip of my son and I taking a short tour of one of the back creeks located here on Camp Lejeune, NC. The scenery was beautiful and we had to negotiate a few obstacles. I would like to use the term that Chris used on his post we were “Guerrilla Kayaking”.
Again the “W” showed its ability to carry two people well over 150 lbs. in shallow water, its light enough to traverse through the marsh with little effort and rugged enough to “Guerrilla Kayak” over logs when we had to, and we were able to thread the needle in the smallest of openings.
Two nights before this, during the full moon we were scared out of this same creek by a very evil and low growl, come to find out it wan an American alligator bellowing – either a male warning us to get out of its territory or female letting us know we were to close to her nest. On this night the “W’ proved how versatile it was by making complete 180 in a narrow creek and picking up speed with every deep stroke. What a night.


3 thoughts on “Jesse & Son In A Guerrilla Kayaking Trip, North Carolina

  1. Thanks Jesse. What a beautiful adventure movie :)

  2. Good stuff – father and son, kayaking, wildlife, nature, and patriotism. I enjoyed it, thank you.

  3. Good stuff!

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