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Just a fishing trip

Successful kayak trolling for kokanee and trout

By Chris Henderson

Trolling in the Wavewalk 700

In pursuit of trout and kokanee (land locked sockeye salmon) I fish by trolling. Trolling is basically putting your lure out a certain distance behind the boat and at the right depth and then moving at the right speed to maximize the effectiveness of your chosen lure. In my case I use a flaher and then an NTO Scent Spinner. This combination needs to be moved at about 1 -1.5mph. That is a constant speed. So you must paddle to fish. The Wavewalk 700 is uniquely designed for accommodate this. First you could motorize it and then it is easy. But I like things a bit more traditional. So I paddle the entire time I fish. Since I am moving about 1 mile per hour you can pretty much figure out how far I travel by how long I am on the water. In my last trip I launched at about 10:30 and then I finished at about 6pm. So I paddled about 7.5 miles. I stop for the occasional rebaiting or catching a fish but those are fairly short stops.
What makes the W700 well suited for this is the long paddle strokes that are possible vs. the multitude of short strokes in shorter kayaks and the distance the kayak glides with one stroke. It allows you to paddle slowly but go the right speed. This makes long days trolling possible. I have to build myself up but by the end of the fishing season I can go all day long.
If you want to stay traditional but want a kayak you can troll in, the W700 does great! Here are my latest two fishing trips –

Driving the Wavewalk S4 with a Twister mud motor

Mud motor mounted on a Wavewalk S4 duck hunting kayak

By Chris Henderson


The S4 with the 6.5 hp Twister mud motor performed well towing the W700 back, but it still needs a bit more work to maximize its performance. You can see how a W700 and the S4 combo gives you a lot of versatility.

The wheel cart I made needs more work too.


Duck hunting with my retriever and Wavewalk 700 hunting kayak

By Chris Henderson


A solid day on the mud flats.
Torrie, my retriever, improved over last time, and is starting to get this game figured out. Some work to do to finish the retrieves, but we will get there! She has not had a lot of practice with the whole transition from water to land holding the bird.
Can’t beat the weather or the birds! Wigeon whistle worked like a charm.

Stuff I Use  –

Duck Hunting Boat: Wavewalk 700

Northern Tribe Outdoors Wigeon Whistle: Northerntribeoutdoors.com

Decoys –
Avian X wigeon decoys
Assault Widgeon
Tangle Free Full Body Wigeon

Gun: Benelli Nova Tangle Free

Dog Blind: Little Buddy

2018-19 duck hunting season opening with the Wavewalk 700 kayak

By Chris Henderson


Went to my little lake where I was the only one hunting. Not much of a flight to speak of but had a couple of opportunities. Eagles are back and ready to be fed, if you can’t paddle fast enough and retrieve the ducks.