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More Kokanee in American Lake

By Chris Henderson

One of the things I like about the Wavewalk is the ability to load it up and go. No fuss, no trailer just can’t be beat.
I had an afternoon birthday party to go to but rather than watch football I decided to hit American Lake for a couple of hours in the morning and try for some Kokanee (landlocked sockeye salmon). They are starting to change into fall spawning form and are basically as big as they are going to get.

Got there by 8:45 and in the water by 9. Couldn’t seem to find the fish, thought maybe something was wrong with my depth finder. But it was working I just wasn’t where they were.
Finally found some that were interested. 58 feet of water with the downrigger at 24′. Picked up these two and lost one that I had only briefly. The buck (17.5 inches) put up the best fight I have ever experienced with a Kokanee. 4+ reel screaming runs. It was awesome. The hen (15.5 inches) was a jumper. Got them around 11am, and had to hit the road by 12:45. Quick but fun!

The Northwest downriggin configuration we created allowed me to fish two poles trolling one deep and one shallow. Net is easy to get to and with the fish finder and the ease of paddling means I can troll with the best of them. Great way to rig your boat.

Enjoying the Wavewalk!


Gig Harbor Fishing Kayaks

October Kokanee


downrigger-2014 (2)






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Me and my son in our new W kayak, by Gerald Gatchalian

I have taken the W kayak for a few fishing trips since I got it.
What can I say, it is amazing, other W kayak owners’ reviews is exactly what they say about it. I am still currently finding ways to rig my kayak. My first launch went smoothly, stability and handling was superb.
I took my son with me fishing and all things went well.
Enclosed are a few of the fishing trips I made. The W kayak was a head turner, and I have been directing them to check out your website.

I did notice the sound or how noisy (baffle noise?) it creates when certain things like when a pliers fall off the hull. It spooked fish when we went out for redfish fishing. So I was wondering if I could put some marine matting on the inside, just on the floor to muffle some of the sound? I was thinking just on the saddle area. This would be my project when winter comes and also plans to get it motorized by early spring.
Thank you and more power to Wavewalk kayaks.

Chesapeake, Virginia



My son caught his first bass on our first tandem launch

My son caught his first bass on our first tandem launch


Me, trying out the first time

Me, trying out the first time


my initial setup

My initial setup


in the back of the truck

In the back of the truck


Look W - are they your parents

Look W kayak – are they your Catamaran parents?


W kayak's catamarn Parents

W kayak’s catamarn Parents


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Top-water and front-loading bass at Sutherland Pond (movie), by Michael Chesloff

Like jon boats, the Wavewalk kayak has a front side, which expands both the angler’s field of view and field of action. It offers me to cast top-water lures (a frog, in this case) in the lily pads in front of me, as well as to land the fish (bass, in this case) from the space between the hull tips before me.
This feature is also convenient for shooting video. I shot this one at Sutherland Pond, in the Ooms Conservation area, near the northern end of the Taconic Parkway in upstate New York.







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