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The need for a longer and sturdier paddle

Regular kayak paddles are 7′ to 8′ (210 cm – 240 cm) in length, and they are made that short in order to fit kayakers who sit close to the water surface. Such paddles are too short for an adult paddling a Wavewalk Kayak standing or seated.
We found that our 9′ (274 cm) long paddle offers most people good performance in all paddling positions.
Paddlers over 6’2″ (190 cm) tall may need a slightly longer paddle, especially for stand up paddling. For them we offer the extra long 9’8″ (295 cm) paddle.

Our paddles offer optimal performance for all the paddling styles you can use in a Wavewalk® kayak, especially for longer and more powerful paddle strokes. They are extra rigid, which is important when speed is considered. In contrast, soft paddles that flex with each stroke make you lose power and speed, and drain your energy.

Our paddles also provide the strength and reliability needed for push poling in shallow water, and for pushing when launching and beaching the Wavewalk® kayak in difficult spots, as well as when going over obstacles.


Wavewalk® PSP High Performance Paddles Tech Info

Total Length:

  • Standard: 9′ (274 cm)
  • Extra Long: 9’8″ (295 cm)

Shaft Overall Diameter: 1.25″ (32 mm)
Shaft Material: Pultruded Fiberglass, Coated
Shaft Color: Black
Blades Form: Asymmetrical and Spooned
Blades Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon (GFN)
Blades Color: Black
Blade Position: Non-feathered (both blades on the same plane)
Drip Rings: Black Rubber

Wavewalk PSP paddle - black



  1. Paddling in the Seated and Riding positions
  2. Stand up paddling (SUP) on two sides (kayak style), and on one side (J-stroke canoe style)
  3. Push poling in shallow water
  4. Touring (long trips)
  5. Launching and beaching


  • Standard PSP:  $190
  • Extra Long PSP:  $230.


  • No extra charge for shipping paddles with a Wavewalk® Kayak.
  • We don’t ship paddles separately from our Wavewalk® kayaks.


Demo Movies


Heavy Duty Paddle:

This video demonstrates what some Wavewalk kayakers and anglers do with their Wavewalk® paddles, when they go in shallow water and over obstacles. The Wavewalk® paddle is a key component in enjoying Super Mobility.


User Friendly Paddle:

This video demonstrates how easy it is the move the Wavewalk® paddle, even for a 2 year old toddler… Read more about paddling and fishing with children »


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