New Pricing For The 2024 Season

In an effort to keep the S4 Microskiff and W720 Kayak Skiff affordable to all clients, including those who see their disposable income reduced due to the higher cost of living, Wavewalk lowered the price of the S4 to $2,000 plus shipping to the client’s address, and the price of the W720 to $1,800 plus shipping to the client’s address.

Diversified Plastics (DPI) in Latta, SC, are our manufacturing contractors, and we ship from their facility to clients in the US and Canada.
Factory pickup is available for both products.

The range of shipping rates featuring on the products’ pages reflects Wavewalk’s actual cost for shipping to clients. We do not make a profit on shipping. Wavewalk will quote each prospecting client with the final price for shipping their order to their address.

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