Crossing lake Tahoe in my Wavewalk 700

Lake Tahoe viewed from a Wavewalk 700 kayak

By Edwin Warner

Long time no talk, I’m still in the same place, and I still love the Wavewalk. Wanted to send you my latest shenanigans. Lake Tahoe West shore- East shore- West shore, 21 miles 5.5 hours (w photo/hydration breaks) @ 6000’ elevation. Rubicon bay to Cave Rock to Rubicon bay. Here are some photos,

Cheers Edwin

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5 thoughts on “Crossing lake Tahoe in my Wavewalk 700”

  1. Thanks Edwin,

    Truly impressive! I would expect this kind of speed from an extra long and slim touring kayak, and not from a 12’10” super-stable multi-purpose watercraft 😀
    But I guess the W700 is a Touring Kayak, in the sense that you can use it for long distance kayaking trips, with or without carrying a lot of gear and an extra passenger on board, and without a motor.
    Looks like you’re still in good shape, after all these years – power to you!


  2. Hey Edwin…..your story reminds me of my five years in Reno, and my trips around the west side of the lake. You should have had a fishing rod with you trolling for one of those nice lake trout on the way across.

    Maybe you should try trip down the Truckee River and across Pyramid Lake next??

  3. 😀

    Gary, I’m beginning to think that maybe you’re hooked on fishing…


  4. 🙂
    These days I hardly paddle anymore, since I prefer to drive my S4, especially when the sea is choppy.

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