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This website already features more than 1,800 individual posts and pages. Ironically, this wealth of information can create a problem finding the best article, post, or video that a visitor is looking for. 

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This website features over a hundred articles, which are listed in a directory of articles. This directory is divided into eight sections, which are:

CHOOSING A KAYAK – Insight on various types of kayaks, and comparisons of key features and performance.

STABILITY – This subject is key to our clients, and we have a lot to tell them about it.

MOTORIZING – May also be called boating.

FISHING – Many Wavewalk clients fish, and this is definitely a subject that all of them are interested in. Some of them have contributed articles too. 

PADDLING – Wavewalk started as a company that offers kayaks for paddlers who want to paddle something better than an ordinary Touring or Recreational kayak. 

ERGONOMICS – Many people suffer from various disabilities, especially back problems that prevent them from using sit-in and SOT kayaks. Articles on this subject explain the nature of these problems and how Wavewalk offers to solve them.

DESIGN – This subject covers kayaks and boats. 

OUTFITTING – Our clients like to outfit their kayaks and boats, and sometimes they simply have to…

However, articles are not necessarily the best source of information on specific subjects, so we offer more means to find information –

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