New Rowing Rig

By Billy Boughner

I found certain issues with my first rowing saddle concept, and I build a new style which allows me to install oarlocks to be more accurately positioned.
The basic design is a frame that extends the length of the cockpit and anchored in the two end slots of the tunnel.
My seat separates and I’m able to accurately position two sets of oarlocks for the different seat positions for pushing or pulling the oars.
The other asset of this design is that there is no beam directly across the oarlock thus allowing to lift the oars higher in rough water.
This design required that I replace the plywood insert [saddle bracket] with one that is a little higher to attach the frame at one end, and an identical one at the opposite end.
This design also allows me to do some experimentation with the seat position and height.

Boat is now on a trailer.
Only a 12 minute drive to the lake. If I decide to go only takes me 13 minutes to load and be there now.




Rowing Wavewalk 500 fishing kayak with oars and 5 rod holders

3 thoughts on “New Rowing Rig”

  1. Thanks Billy,

    Indeed, the first design is usually just the first in a series…
    I like this smart and adaptable design, and the beautiful wood work!


  2. Hi Billy…saw your rowing rig….just purchased an S4 and researching rowing possibilities…how did your rig turn out? Any further modifications?

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