Special art from the Wavewalk 500

By Larry Durfey


Here are some photo art that I have taken for my 500 kayak on the back waters for the Mississippi.
See my web page for more info on my process and images lgdimagery.com



river reflections


twin mounts


I have found a very inexpensive seat for my 500. It is a cafeteria chair I got for $3.00 at a yard sale. Because of the shape of the legs it fits over the center of the 500 and the cross mettle supports on the chair fit into the slots on the 500 just right. I did not have to cut anything just set in the 500 and slide it so that it locked into the slots.

I have some lower back problems and can not sit in a normal kayak and the 500 works so well for me. I do get tired easy with out any back support but now that is not a problem. I hope that others that have the same problem will benefit from this info.

W500 with a chair


seat that fits in my W500


seat that fits in my W kayak


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  1. fish

    Thanks Larry,

    I wish you’ll win this veterans’ art competition this year! 🙂
    Please let us know if you do,


  2. Michael Chesloff

    Hello Larry-

    Stunning pictures, the re-visualization is very impressive.

    Yet another chair that adapts well to the exceptional Wavewalk design. After watching hundreds and hundreds of videos of ordinary kayaks, I have yet to see one where the owner was willing to try and sit 20+ inches above the waterline. Glad you are able to pursue your art in comfort.


  3. PackerYaker

    I have fished with 2 other Wavewalk owners who devised seat / backrest combinations to address back problems they were having, and wouldn’t want to be without them. It would be great if someone knew of a seat like yours, Larry, that was available for purchase online.

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