Poling the flats, casting, and catching one more redfish

By Kevin Eastman

I thought I’d send you another report from sunny Florida as the sun is setting for the Northern kayak fishing season. Our inshore waters remain high with continued unpredicted floods at high tide so I took advantage of one this morning before work. Again, this fish took some work to find, though the catching was easy. I poled to a couple of my not so secret secret spots only to find not enough water and no fish. I decided to leave since it didn’t look like the water was coming up and I hadn’t seen any fish on my way in. I figured that would be the end of it for the day since the tide was receding. There is little bait left in the grass after two weeks of twice daily flooding there are very few fish foraging now. I checked out one more small flat near the launch on the way back and did find one lonely fish to stalk. I was fortunate to get a couple of good casts and he was interested in my offering (spoon fly). It was a nice long fight thanks to the cooler waters as fall creeps in. So, not big numbers but at least there was no skunk today.

It’s been fun this year learning to use the fishing belt I made that holds my fly rod and push pole so I can cast from the poling platform an not have to put everything down, then wade after the fish. I think I’ve managed to get casts at fish that I would normally not have. An added bonus is staying dry for the whole trip.




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2 thoughts on “Poling the flats, casting, and catching one more redfish”

  1. Thanks Kevin,

    Very beautiful specimen!

    It’s good to see that you’re finding the time to go out there and do such fun things 🙂

    It seems like your flats fishing technique (and science, if I may say so…) yield results even in conditions that are less than favorable.
    That special fly-fishing belt you describe sounds like it merits a picture…

    Forget about paddling, well, as long as it’s a real option that you can revert to anytime you want… This is a true flats boat that actually works for poling and sight fishing 😀


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