Flood tide fishing, three days, nine hours, one fish!

By Kevin Eastman

Not real impressive but I did end up with one to take a picture of.

I was able to get out three days last week for my favorite flood tide fishing. I wasn’t as successful as I’d hoped for but in the end I was able to at least get you one picture of my prey.
The first day I had a nice hook up on a fish and a short fight, only to have my leader break and see the fish go swimming off with my fly in his mouth. Briefly exciting but not real rewarding. That was my only hook up for the day.
I got out the second day and wasn’t having a lot of luck finding fish that were interested in my offerings. Finally I found one that decided my spoon fly looked tasty. Again, I got a nice hook up and brief fight, only to have the hook pull loose and come flying back at me. Apparently I didn’t set the hook well enough. Once again that was my only hook up for the day.
The third day I was tired and decided I wasn’t going to get up early. I couldn’t really sleep so I got out of bed and decided I may as well give it one more go than lay in bed awake. That was a good decision since the third time was a charm and I was able to hook a nice fish and actually land it. Now I have to wait a few more weeks for another flood, hopefully with some better luck.




Flats fishing W500 with poling platform and fishing pole




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3 thoughts on “Flood tide fishing, three days, nine hours, one fish!”

  1. Thanks Kevin,

    This is one of the best fishing stories I’ve read in a long time!
    It’s epic, since it’s a quest and perseverance story with multiple mishaps and a moral (“tie your hooks well!”), and it’s classic since in the end the hero is rewarded for his prolonged efforts 🙂

    Having said that, I hope you’ll catch tons of big fish on your next flood tide fishing trip! 😀


  2. Hey Kevin-

    Another great post. I think people would be amazed if you could create a video of yourself fly-casting while standing on your platform (which I see is even higher than the saddle!). It would do a lot to put the specious claims about stability made by manufacturers of “fishing barges” in perspective.


  3. Nice spot tail Kevin. I can ‘t wait to land a few of those myself. Was he waving at you before you got him?

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