Gar fishing on the Potomac

By Capn’ Larry Jarboe

Back up in Maryland.
The Wavewalk is down South.
We shot these photos from my Smoker Craft w/ nite lights.
Gar are very hard to clean but taste like a cross between alligator and lobster.  Come to think of it, they look like that, too.
I think the new Wavewalk 700 will be a hot bow fishing combo as well as a super stable boat.  I’m looking forward to some more night trips (between rain squalls) before heading south.
Living the dream!

Daddy Cat, Momma Mono-hull, & Baby Cat, family photo.  Happy Father’s Day, Dudes.




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  1. fish kayak

    Thanks Larry,

    You’re living your dream, and you’re helping me live mine – This photo of your white Wavewalk 500 uploaded on your 1984 Shamrock Cuddy Cabin mother ship with your large-size catamaran in the background is the realization of my vision (or fantasy) –
    It’s so cool! 😀

    So this is now our blog’s featured story, and you gained the title of ‘Top Contributor’ to the W blog –
    Thank you on behalf of Wavewalk and our blog’s readers!

    I can’t wait to see pictures of Santiago, your white W500, down in the Keys… 🙂


  2. Bassman

    Full disclosure: The Big Cat in the top pic is not mine. It was docked at the restaurant next door to my docks. My 35 x 16 cat hull is dry docked in Melbourne, Fla. awaiting a deck and power installation. The photo op was too fine to pass by. So much to do. But, getting it done by the day. Larry J.

  3. fish kayak

    Thanks Larry,

    Once you’re back in FL and your fishing fleet is united, you’ll shoot another photo, and we’ll call you Admiral instead of Capn’ 😀


    I found these two pictures of your big cat that you emailed me a while ago:

    Big fishing catamaran

    front view of big fishing catamaran

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