Everglades W500 stand up paddling (and attempted fishing) trip

By Steve Lucas

Put the W500 thru some glades back country. We had no particular plan except to make it into Coot Bay. The weather was so nice that we continued into Mud Lake. We had a blast. We spotted some fish but had no luck catching anything. I remembered that the W has incredible stump jumpin’ capabilities that I have never tested. The W500 performed brilliantly in the tightest of tunnels.



Editor’s note: The above movie is a must see. Watch in full screen mode!




6 thoughts on “Everglades W500 stand up paddling (and attempted fishing) trip”

  1. Thanks Steve,

    Welcome to the tree-stump paddle-hopping club! 😀

    Here’s an old W300 instructional video that demonstrates the technique:


  2. Great video Steve.

    I can’t wait for ice out up here in Ct, it’s been a long hard winter.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle Safe all. 🙂

  3. Hey Rox,

    19F here this morning. Looks like we’re almost there… and tomorrow is the last day of winter 😉


  4. PackerYaker says:

    Hey Steve……….Looks like fun, but think I would have wanted to use a shorter paddle getting thru those tunnels – more like the one the guy had that your ran into in the dugout. The longer paddle would have come in handy, however, to knock down those moccasins in the overhead shrubbery before they dropped down to join you. Don’t think I’d want to get lost trying to find my way back – spending a night in one of those tunnels would not result in much sleep.

  5. Gary,

    A short paddle doesn’t work as well for poling, and when you need to go over obstacles. In such situations, you must have a long paddle that’s also very sturdy, like the Wavewalk PSP that you’re using 🙂


  6. Wavewalk………the 4×4 of kayaks! Great videos Steve.

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