Kayak Fishing For Flounder Near The 206 Bridge, Florida

This is a new kayak fishing report, and a movie that Jeff shot from the cockpit of his W fishing kayak while he was scouting for fish in low tide near the I-95 206 bridge, in Florida.

Jeff is paddling his fishing kayak carefully between the partially exposed oyster beds, so as not to risk scratching it:

And this is Jeff’s report:
-“Yesterday was finally a day where I actually caught fish to eat. It was all flounder and I ended up catching 14 of them with three of legal size to keep. That many fish made for a great meal here at the house last night. The final dish was a Mediterranean flounder baked in the oven, served with asparagus spears and mashed red potatoes on the side. There were no left overs, the meal was outstanding. Eating like that I think I’ll start considering bringing home fish more often. Flounder are so easy to clean it’s like they were designed as food.
So far as the fishing day it started off almost with a disaster. I had taken the W kayak down the stairs at Shady Oyster and then noticed the huge tug heading toward the 206 bridge. Thank goodness it was not full high tide or the resulting waves would have washed me right back up the stairs. I’ve attached pictures of that tug and the resulting waves heading toward the launch.

beached fishing kayak, Florida

fishing kayak with big wake from tug boat, florida
It was a beautiful day just a little chilly in the morning but it warmed nicely. The water was very clear and you could see the flounder fighting a good five feet under the W kayak as they came up. Although I changed out lures a bit before I found what they wanted once discovered it was a blast. They ended up wanting a 1/8oz Cotee jig tipped with a Gulp shrimp or a Redfish Magic with a paddle tail in clear green sparkle. As I caught ones that were legal they were just unhooked and tossed into the hull behind me. With a wet rag on top of them they stayed nice and fresh till cleaned then prepared. So goes another successful trip in the W kayak.

— Jeff”


  1. Fish Wiz

    Sounds like fun!

  2. HerbC

    Jeff, your outing updates are so enjoyable to read and the accompanying images bring everything to life. Nice job. btw, how are you able to take movies and paddle with both hands at the same time?

  3. Jeff mcGovern

    I shoot the movies using a chest mounted camera. I took a Gorilla Pod type tripod then added a neck cord. I’ll hang the pod around my neck with the legs of the tripod bent to hold the camera facing forward. That way you have three points of contact from the legs stablized by the cord around your neck. By the way the neck cord has a spring button on it to allow me to adjust the size. The camera itself is an Olympus Stylus 1030SW. That model is waterproof and shockproof for any practical outdoor use. The power and shutter buttons are on the top and easy to actuate. Also the camera offers a very wide angle so it’s easy to get your shots in sort of the right area without looking through the view finder.

  4. HerbC

    Jeff, thanks much for the insight into your camera setup…..very interesting. That Olympus Stylus 1030SW seems to do the job well in everywhere you take your W. I checked CNET for a review and the guy in the video was deliberately dropping the camera all over the place and like that old Timex watch commercial, the camera “keeps on ticking”. Thanks for the tip. I gotta get me one!!! It’ll make a good accessory for my new W. The downside is I won’t be able to do any fibbing about the size of the fish I catch.

  5. Jeff McGovern

    Herb, I tested a load of different cameras over the years since I was always shooting for work. The Olympus models held up the best and allowed me one handed operation which a number of cameras did not. The 1030SW should be one you can find at a lower cost right now since it was new over a year back. I can attest to the durabliity since mine has been through an awful lot. I would suggest a neck lanyard for most uses since even without a tripod it allows you to steady the camera against the cord pulling from your neck. For the best service buy the 2GB+ card.

  6. HerbC

    Jeff, thanks again for followup camera tip. I was eye-balling the ads for the 1030SW when it was first introduced but didn’t have a real need for a super rugged drop-kick waterproof camera then. Now that I have the W, it makes more sense to get one. It’s even more enticing to know the price has dropped significantly. I’m planning to do as you suggested. Herb

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