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Wildlife photography from my Wavewalk 500

By Hendrik Broekman


It took a while, but, after my broken wrist, I’m physically back to normal.
My wife and I go paddling whenever we can, but still not often enough. The Wavewalk has yet to be on something other than the Sudbury river.

This year I finally started posting images from some of our late afternoon excursions. You can find some of them at https://www.mu-43.com/threads/sudbury-river.93493/

I find the Wavewalk very steady and have confidence taking not-easily-replaceable photo gear on paddles.
The craft is easily enough driven and tracks nicely. It’s a great workout and a kick to be out on a relatively underutilized body of water.

Thank you for coming up with the idea for the Wavewalk. I simply have no interest in using a typical kayak. I just don’t bend that way and I doubt I’m alone in that regard. It has given my wife and me another shared, meaningful activity for our retirement.


Photos of Northern Water Snakes shot from my Wavewalk

By John Fabina


You never know what you are going to sneak up on in a Wavewalk. I’ve been told these are Northern Water Snakes. Biggest snakes I’ve seen in awhile. I counted three in this tree root.


Wavewalk 500 painted in camo colors facing a massive tree root hosting Northern Water Snakes


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Fox river bass fishing trip

By John Fabina

I went to the Fox River today to do some fishing. I caught a nice Largemouth Bass. Always plenty of bird life along the river and I was able to sneak up on a couple of deer that came down for a drink.





















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Longnose gar spawning in the Pamlico river basin (photos)

By Charlie Manning

Washington, NC

Thought these shots may be interesting. Only possible because of my Wavewalk!
Deep into a swamp/marsh in the Duck Creek area in the Pamlico river basin. These are longnose gar during a spawn. Probably not many people have seen this. Thanks to my Wavewalk, I was in the right place at the right time. The jellylike globs on the edge of the bank are egg deposits covered in a jelly like coating. Thank you for a great product!

Still Kayaking at 76



Longnose-gar-fish-spawning-Pamlico-river-NC (2)





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Gator time

By Gary Rankel

Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club

Art Myjak paddled his last trip with me for awhile as he and his wife will be headed up north later this week for the summer.  We had a slow day as far as fishing goes, but a bit of excitement coming across a gator who seemed interested in Art’s Wavewalk.  I’ll be looking for company on my fishing trips this summer, so if any Wavewalkers up there want to join me, c’mon down.



Art fishing, unsuspecting… while the gator silently approaches…


fisherman-taking-a-picture-of-the gator-next-to-hos-kayak



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