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Wheels For Transporting Your Fishing Kayak

You Don’t Always Need Wheels

This article presents different approaches to transporting your kayak on land. In many cases, you won’t need wheels for your Wavewalk™ kayak, as you’ll just drag it from your vehicle to your launching spot, and back. It’s not that hard, and it doesn’t necessarily damage the kayak, as you can see in this article and video »   
But if you must carry your kayak over long stretches of asphalt or concrete pavement, you may want to consider shielding its hulls from excessive abrasion by attaching the lid of a plastic bin to the part of its hulls that come in contact with the pavement. It’s an inexpensive, easy, and lightweight solution, and the lid can fold easily, so you can store it in one of the hull tips when you’re fishing and paddling.
The drawback of dragging a kayak over long distances is that it’s not always as easy as transporting it on wheels.

Kayak anglers have different fishing styles, and they fish in different environments. This fact, as well as logistic issues, affects the way they rig their fishing kayak with wheels (or a single wheel), a kayak trolley, cart or a simple mat.

These are the things you should require from your fishing kayak wheels –


We put this benefit first, because kayak anglers are often enthusiastic about making a perfect kayak trolley, and they tend to overlook the fact that once they reach the water, they’ll have to take it with them on board their kayak. Kayak wheels should be lightweight and preferably small in size, so you could easily tuck them in one of the storage compartments in the hull tips, or on top of them.

Solid Construction

You definitely don’t want your wheel cart to fall apart while you’re on your way from your car to the water, or back.

All-Terrain Capability

Wheels that are too small or too narrow could sink in sand, or in mud.  Large diameter wheels perform better on rugged terrain.  Wider wheels perform better on soft terrain, such as sand and mud.


Sometimes you may need to pass with your fishing kayak in tight spaces. For example, in the space between two cars in a parking lot, or between big rocks, tree stumps, etc. In such cases, being able to control your fishing kayak on wheels is important.

Easy and Effective Attachment

Attaching the wheels to your fishing kayak, as well as detaching them should be quick and easy, and the attachment system should hold the kayak in place without letting it slide or twist. You definitely don’t want to waste time and energy on complicated systems for attaching your kayak to your wheel cart, and you don’t want to have to reattach the kayak on your way to the beach or from it.

Stability and Control

Unlike other kayaks, Wavewalk™ kayaks feature two handles on each end. Each pair of handles allow you to drive the kayak as a wheelbarrow, and benefit from good stability and control over it even if it’s outfitted with a single wheels attached between the hulls. having said that, the more fishing and camping gear you carry in your kayak, the more it becomes heavy, and this could make it harder to stabilize and control. This is when a two-wheel solution is better than one wheel.

Examples of Wheels for Kayak Transportation »

Hawg Buster Stand Up Fishing Kayaks at the fundraiser for Colyer lake dam, by Joe Stauder

We took part in the fundraiser for the Colyer lake dam. We were headquartered in a comfortable tent, and we gave dozens of test rides in the demo kayaks we had brought with us. Some people paddled in tandem, and others paddled standing up.
We had a lot of fun, and the fundraiser was a success.


Hawg Buster Stand Up Fishing Kayaks, PA

Standing out from the crowd…

A aerial view of our gathering

The Hawg Buster team in its headquarters

The stand up fishing kayak displayed, outfitted with our special wheel cart. In the background you can see a rare red W500…

A couple testing the W500 as a tandem kayak

An elderly big guy paddling our main demo kayak – super easy!

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Simple and easy wheel for kayak transportation, by Joe Stauder

Here’s a simple and easy wheel for transporting the W kayak. It was very useful to us last Sunday when we had to transport four W kayaks to the Colyer lake dam fundraiser.

It doesn’t get easier than that

Click images to enlarge:

There’s plenty of storage room on board, and this wheel assembly is lightweight and doesn’t take much space, so once you’re done using it you just drop it in one of your W kayak’s hull tips, and forget about its existence for the whole fishing trip.
The materials for it are cheap and available in most hardware stores.


Hawg Buster Stand Up Fishing Kayaks, PA

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First pink salmon in my Wavewalk kayak, by Chris Henderson

This boat was designed with fishing in mind. It is truly a stand up fishing platform. Comfortable, roomy, and able to be rigged to meet the fish that you are going after –

Great day on the water. Got to the park (Browns Point) during the first quarter of the Seahawks game so parking was easy.  😉  Later it got quite crowded. I was able to easily unload and wheel (see pic) the kayak down the grassy slope and launch. Went the left (got some good advice) and found a spot. I tried trolling a mini flasher and hoochie, but was not having any success. So when in Rome, I drifted and casted toward shore. Had the boat in 15 feet of water and was casting toward shore. They were running close.

Used a pink squid jig with no success, switched to a marabou jig in pink and instantly more success. Had the wrong poles with me. Way too much for casting the small jig, but made do.

Had multiple hook ups, and one came unbuttoned right at the net!!! But managed to bring one in. Great fight and the sport of the kayak makes it all the better!

That is awesome. You could sense the fish coming in waves and then nothing.

Borrowed the sons car…
They say there are still a lot of pinks headed by Seiku and points west, so I am hopeful that there will be more action.

I was using a little lighter jig and it seemed to do well. Thing is they are in such shallow water I am tempted by one of those round cork bobbers. Not that you would let it sit but work it back in. I think keeping the jig in the zone for longer would have to be beneficial. I also thought about putting a beetle spin on it or even a hot pink mini spinnerbait. With the cloudy water that might be interesting.

Click images to enlarge:

I will probably be back down on Sunday again. I enjoyed it a lot and it is a great place to catch fish while figuring out the yak fishing thing.

Smoked it up last night and it was wonderful. Good food.


Fishing Kayaks of Gig Harbor, WA

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Fishing Kayak Transportation Wheel, South Korea

Sungjin Kim, Wavewalk’s distributor of fishing kayaks in South Korea, published a comprehensive article on the subject of transportation wheel for the W kayak.
In his article, Sungjin shows solutions developed by W kayakers around the world – From small wheels that fit into a hull tip once the kayak is in the water, to huge, inflatable wheels that double as extra flotation on the water.
Here is a wheel solution that one of Sungjin’s clients came up with. It’s small, lightweight, and can be attached to the W kayak without installing extra hardware. It’s also easy and quick to attach and detach.

Wheel for transporting fishing kayak, Korea
Wheel for transporting fishing kayak, Korea

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