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Wavewalk 700 fishing kayaks and portable boats, a.k.a. W700

The Wavewalk™ 700 – How is it made? 3D animation movie

The Wavewalk 700 is a two-person boat and tandem fishing kayak that’s and assembled from two rotationally molded parts –
1. The Twinhull includes a left hull, a right hull, and a raised platform in between that joins these twin hulls together.
2. The Saddle is inserted into the cockpit, on top of the Twinhull’s raised platform, and it’s riveted to it. The Saddle is watertight and serves as flotation.
Some models in the W700 series feature a Spray Shield.

More info: http://wavewalk.com/blog/new-700-series/

Wavewalk 700 update – new pictures of the Twinhull mold

The mold makers that produce the tooling (rotational molds) for the Wavewalk 700 emailed us a set of new pictures that show the recent progress in this project.


The top and bottom parts of the rotational mold for the Twinhull part of the Wavewalk 700



Side view of the top and bottom parts of the mold for the Twinhull part of the W700


These pictures provide means to better understand how spacious the 7’8″ (92″) long W700 cockpit will be. Compared to the 6′ long cockpit of the W500, this cockpit will be 27.5% longer.  Watch a video of the W500 paddled in tandem »

Note that the hulls seen in these pictures are each 9″ wide, compared to the 8″ wide hulls of the W500. This is a 12.5% increase in this dimension.

In other words, in terms of space for passengers on board, this trailer-free two-person fishing boat is comparable to small fishing boats such as Jon boats, large-size fishing canoes, dinghies and microskiff.
At 80 lbs (without the motor), it will be much lighter than any of these boats, and the only one that you could car-top by yourself.
With its 31″ total width, the W700 will be the only boat in this category of small fishing boats that you could paddle easily by yourself and in tandem.

As for tandem fishing kayaks, although some products out there are presented as such, they aren’t in real-world terms (I.E. Fishability), unless one is willing to consider a 200 lbs craft as a kayak…
We think that a watercraft that one person cannot handle by themselves, including car topping it, is no longer a kayak.
Some human-powered craft weigh around 200 lbs, and therefore are too heavy even for two guys to handle. These oversize floating objects are too heavy and bulky to be considered even as ‘barge-kayaks’.



View of the bottom part of the mold for the Wavewalk 700 Twinhull part




View of the W700 Twinhull cockpit area and the bottom part of the W700 Saddle.

In the product itself, the Saddle part will rest on top of this long, elevated platform, and it will be riveted to it. The Top Saddle part will feature 7 sets of molded-in saddle brackets that will grab the base of the saddle from both sides, and provide the boat with extra rigidity and strength.



Now that the bulk of the mold production work is done, the next stages in this Twinhull mold project are polishing, inserting drill marks, building a steel frame around it, and coating its interior with Teflon.

The tooling (rotational mold) for the Saddle part is completed and ready to be coated with Teflon. This is the last step before actual production.


Father’s Day Fishing

By Chris Henderson

Had a really nice day at Ward Lake (Thurston County). It is a small lake but with it being Fathers day we figured that the skiers would be out in droves on any other lake. This lake has a 5mph speed limit. It was so relaxing. In a kayak when there are skiers etc. my head is on a swivel every time I hear a boat motor. But not so here. The only thing I really had to watch for were swimmers!

Two of my boys joined me and we took the Wavewalks in the morning. We got to the lake and in the water around 8am. We had all limited on Kokanee (landlocked sockeye salmon) before noon. I took off all bait and was fishing C&R till the wives arrived at 12 for lunch. The wives got there and we went back out on the water tandem with my wife in the front fishing and working the downrigger, and me being the trolling motor. It is doable in the W500 and we got it down to a system but really looking forward to trying it in the W700! We finished the day with 25 fish between 6 poles! Fish were smallish with a 12 inches being the biggest, but for their size they still fought like crazy.

Really enjoyed the day!




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Gar fishing on the Potomac

By Capn’ Larry Jarboe

Back up in Maryland.
The Wavewalk is down South.
We shot these photos from my Smoker Craft w/ nite lights.
Gar are very hard to clean but taste like a cross between alligator and lobster.  Come to think of it, they look like that, too.
I think the new Wavewalk 700 will be a hot bow fishing combo as well as a super stable boat.  I’m looking forward to some more night trips (between rain squalls) before heading south.
Living the dream!

Daddy Cat, Momma Mono-hull, & Baby Cat, family photo.  Happy Father’s Day, Dudes.




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