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Wavewalk 500 kayaks, a.k.a. W500

Noel’s W500 Motorized Fishing Kayak – Texas

Noel Mascarenhas is a Texan who got his new W500 fishing kayak a few days ago… (Read Noel’s ‘1st Impression Review’).

Here is his second review – story:

-“I can’t say enough good things about the WW.  When I washed it down yesterday, I flipped it over to get the water out of the hulls, and fully expected that some water would remain in the cockpit rim, but sure enough there was none; and then I noticed the drain hole in each end…also the hulls are sloped so that all the water will drain out of the boat when flipped over on the grass!  As a design engineer, I appreciate those little thoughtful features that Wavewalk has incorporated…most excellent!”

Father and son in their new fishing kayak - Texas

-“Had an awesome father’s day on the water with the family and the WW.”

Rainier and Noel launching their new fishing kayak

-“My son Rainier is a natural kayaker, and is paddling standing, sitting, fishing sideways, turning in circles, reversing, stopping, actually landing at the launch point where we put in, he is already well on his way.”

Rainier and Noel standing by their fishing kayak

-“We had a lot of people watching today, taking pictures and passing cars were honking as they went past, it was great!”

Noel standing up in his fishing kayak

-“I mounted a trolling motor, anchor, battery box and crate with fishing rods.. See the attached pictures.

With the trolling motor mounted in the front (I reversed the trolling motor handle to point towards me), at the 3 setting, it was moving along pretty quick.  On the 5 setting, I was leaving a good size wake!  Steering was a different matter though, as I kept doing S-turns or going in a circle no matter what I did with the trolling motor.  I think it has to do with the flow channeling effect and the prop wash between and against the hulls.  The reverse on the trolling motor is very poweful, so I’m just going to turn around in my seat & operate it like that for now.  That will negate the hull effect, as I was able to steer very well in reverse.”

Fishing kayak with electric trolling motor

-“The battery location is critical.  On the saddle, it makes the WW top heavy, esp. with 2 people on board and stability/balance became tricky.  I moved it to the right hull, moved the anchor itself to the left hull and it stabilized.  After that it was smooth trolling!

In between tryouts, my wife Nini happened to notice a Mayfly next to her, so I picked it up & took a picture.. now that’s a perfect fly fishing picture.. a mayfly & the WW!”

W500 in the backgroung, with mayfly

-“I played around with the moving (side mounted on pulleys) anchor trolley this morning again and could not figure out a way to easily stop the rope once the anchor hit bottom (and still be able to operate the trolley), so I bought an anchor stop & mounted it between the hulls in the rear, it works great, as I can release the anchor & haul it up real quick, and I have full control of the rope.  I bought this in the boat section of (all places) Walmart.”

Noel in his fishing kayak

June 27 UPDATE: See Noel’s final motor rigging

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Noel’s Review of his New W500 – Texas

Noel Mascarenhas is a kayak fisherman from Texas, who just got his new W500 fishing kayak. Here is his ‘first impression’ review of it:

-“We christened the W500 today, it was awesome.  At first it took some getting used to on balance as my son 12 and myself went, but once we got the hang of it, it was like learning to ride a bike, then it was easy.  My buddy who is 250 lbs tried it with his daughter (around 60-70 lbs) and he liked it too.  I’ve been sending pics of my kayak to a lot of people and everyone is impressed with it.

I have only paddled a canoe once in the past and I was surprised at how easy it is to paddle the wavewalk.

Here are some pics, we just returned from the lake..

Thanks for a great product.


UPDATE (June 27): Noel’s Motorized W500 Fishing Kayak

Noel's son paddling their new fishing kayak

Milk crate for fishing kayak rigged with three rod holders

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Norm’s New Ideas for Rigging his W500 Fishing Kayak

Norm Craig from Rhode Island owns a W500 fishing kayak (see his kayak review), and he sent us some new ideas for rigging:
-“Went fishing and wildlife watching this morning. Took a pic of my big W to show ya a few Ideas:

Rod or paddle holder made out of closet shelving: Cut the shelving 3 rods wide, bend to your liking, and bend it to clip under the lip of cockpit. EASY……No riveting ,movable, and easy on and off.

Norm's rigged fishing kayak

Old canoe seat I had modified: Nylon strap cut to length. Stitch in  2 round 1″key holders, hook to clips on Yak. Slide seat back and forth for back adjustment .  To beach Yak unhook rings, slide seat back and off ya go. EASY

Find a car console that you like (about $5.00), get some gorilla glue and a foam floor mat. Cut the mat to the bottom of the console, glue as many pieces as it takes to be even with the bottom of the console. Make two 7″ strips out of the foam mat, 1 1/4″high, 1″ thick. Glue to bottom of console spacing, so they will fit into slits on kayak seat.
Nice and snug , easy on and off – use it if you like.

Close up on rigged fishing kayak cockpit

I was at a nice kayak shop today watching people cramming themselves into $2,000 kayaks. Oh my back felt bad just watching. I didn’t say anything but I wanted to.


6 Year Old Brian’s First Fish in Norm’s W500 Fishing Kayak – Rhode Island

Norm Craig from Rhode Island contributed a review on his W500 fishing kayak, and now he sent us this great story:

-“I took my first passenger today – 6 year old Brian, who caught his first fish. The Big W was easy to take a kid out on, more than enough room. No problems at all once he got used to it. He was hanging over between the hulls playing in the water. Nothing like seeing a kid catch his first fish… He caught about a 15″ pickerel that scared the boy so I couldn’t get a pic… He even picked up one end of the kayak, and helped me carry it to the truck .    Norm”

Brian holding his first fish in fishing kayak

Brian helping to carry Norm's fishing kayak

Roxanne’s Review of her New W500 Fishing Kayak – Connecticut

NEW (June): Roxanne’s W500 Trip to the Backwater of the Farmington River, Connecticut (+Movie)

Roxanne Davis from Connecticut is a seasoned kayak fisherwoman who has owned and rigged two early models of the W300 series, and reviewed them. Now she got a new W500, and this is her initial review:

-“I can say three things about it so far: “I LOVE IT” – The room in it is just perfect.”

-“I was on Rainbow Reservoir testing my W500 on a very wind day, and more boat traffic then I had expected. It handled like a dream, tracked great, and pushed threw the winds, with gusts up to 25mph, and constant 15mph. I was amazed how well I could paddle into the wind with it without killing myself.”

Roxanne's fleet of three fishing kayaks

-“Most motor boaters don’t care about the laws and wakes… I Had a big 18′ Deep-V powerboat fly by on plane about 20′ from me, and I rode the 2′ wake with no problem. Then I went back to fishing, turned my head just in time to see the next wake hit me, (not even sure where it came from??) I didn’t panic, and let it hit sideways, and the W500 just gently swayed up and over the wake, and down, and then over the second wake with ease.
The W300 would have handled it also, but not as smoothly as the W500 did.
I’m really going to have to take it on the salt now, that wake gave me the confidence this baby can take it!!

I applaud you Yoav,  you’ve taken the best yak in the world, and made it better!”

Smallie in Rox' W500 fishing kayak cockpit

-“I broke the W500 in with 15 Smallmouth Bass, nothing huge, just fun.

She’s been officially Slimed!!  🙂


W500 fishing kayak with transducer
Rox’ new W500 with her special side rod holder

Rox' W500 fishing kayak with transducer
Rox’ W500 with a transducer mounted

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