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Roxanne’s Review of her New W500 Fishing Kayak – Connecticut

NEW (June): Roxanne’s W500 Trip to the Backwater of the Farmington River, Connecticut (+Movie)

Roxanne Davis from Connecticut is a seasoned kayak fisherwoman who has owned and rigged two early models of the W300 series, and reviewed them. Now she got a new W500, and this is her initial review:

-“I can say three things about it so far: “I LOVE IT” – The room in it is just perfect.”

-“I was on Rainbow Reservoir testing my W500 on a very wind day, and more boat traffic then I had expected. It handled like a dream, tracked great, and pushed threw the winds, with gusts up to 25mph, and constant 15mph. I was amazed how well I could paddle into the wind with it without killing myself.”

Roxanne's fleet of three fishing kayaks

-“Most motor boaters don’t care about the laws and wakes… I Had a big 18′ Deep-V powerboat fly by on plane about 20′ from me, and I rode the 2′ wake with no problem. Then I went back to fishing, turned my head just in time to see the next wake hit me, (not even sure where it came from??) I didn’t panic, and let it hit sideways, and the W500 just gently swayed up and over the wake, and down, and then over the second wake with ease.
The W300 would have handled it also, but not as smoothly as the W500 did.
I’m really going to have to take it on the salt now, that wake gave me the confidence this baby can take it!!

I applaud you Yoav,  you’ve taken the best yak in the world, and made it better!”

Smallie in Rox' W500 fishing kayak cockpit

-“I broke the W500 in with 15 Smallmouth Bass, nothing huge, just fun.

She’s been officially Slimed!!  🙂


W500 fishing kayak with transducer
Rox’ new W500 with her special side rod holder

Rox' W500 fishing kayak with transducer
Rox’ W500 with a transducer mounted

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‘Second Impression’ W500 Fishing Kayak Review, by Norm

Norm Craig, a from Rhode Island, had serious back surgery only months ago, and realized he couldn’t go fishing in a canoe or a regular kayak. He became the first fisherman to use our new W500 for kayak fishing. He wrote this fishing kayak ‘mini review’ immediately after taking it on water for the first time, and today he sent us his second impression:

-“Beautiful morning with the big W:

Friday,  I went fishing this morning. The fish weren’t biting but the weather was beautiful and I spent over 4 hours in the kayak. I can’t believe I lasted that long. I was a little sore but not bad. Until today I thought that standing and paddling was a neat trick but now it is my preferred way of paddling.  I’m getting very confident, and it feels great on the back.
I’m Working on a few new gadgets for the kayak. Had some great ideas today.
Saturday; Went fishing and the fish were biting. I had one of the best fishing days days I ever had. Lost track of the bass and pickerel I caught. Being able to stand and look into the water you can see the fish strike the lure sure is a thrill. I spent about 3 hours on the water and again the back was not a problem considering I had a spinal fusion 5 months ago.
Yak works fine, no problems. I noticed a little noise from the wake when I paddle fast. —  Norm”

First Instant Review From W500 Kayak Fisherman

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Added May 17: Norm’s ‘Second Impression Review’...

Norm Craig, a fisherman from Rhode Island, could no longer go in canoes because of his back problems. He got his W500 this morning, and became the first client to report his initial experience with it:

“Picked up the new 500 today, spent about 1hr and was standing up and doing some easy paddling after about 45 minutes of getting used to it. Little shaky for about 10 min. Really a different animal but fun and easy. I’m 60 yrs old and just had major lower back surgery and still recovering so I got to go easy.

Had a canoe but after back surgery this looks like the way to go. Never been in a kayak so I don’t have anything to compare it to. So far I love it and will be doing some fishing soon.

Here’s a pic of me about 45 min into my first go around… More coming!

Thanks for talking me into the good paddle – I love it!  Norm”

Norm standing up in his W500 fishing kayak

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We unleashed the W500 Series.

We tested it for the first time yesterday, on the Charles River. We were surprised that there was no surprise – The boat felt and performed as intended: Faster and stabler than our first series (now branded W300).
The new kayak’s lower spray deflector compensated for its additional width, and made it easy to move the paddle – both in the standing and riding positions.
My two sons aged 13 and 10 took turns in paddling, and had no problem at all.

The new kayak tracks remarkably well, and glides nicely on the surface thanks to its smaller draft. It’s as easy to turn as our first, smaller model.

W500 fishing kayak - first test

Tandem (trio, actually):
I took my two boys with me on board. One weighs 110 lb, and the other 100 lb. Last time I weighed myself I was 200 lb. With our shoes, clothes, PFDs and paddles the boat was loaded with some 450 lb.
Still, we felt no instability, and although slower than when paddled solo, the new model wasn’t hard to paddle, and tracked very well. Turning was noticeably harder than when lightly loaded, but that should be corrected through practicing.
The longer cockpit didn’t feel crowded with three passengers, and although I sat in the back I could move my paddle freely.
The hulls slightly spread apart, pressed by our combined weight. This added to the boat’s stability, and felt good.