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Wavewalk 500 kayaks, a.k.a. W500

Rod Ratzlaff’s W500 ‘First Impression’ Kayak Review, Colorado

-“For me, the initial learning curve was pretty short, the “Ride” style felt quite natural, perhaps my years on motorcycles, snowmobiles, bicycles, skibikes, atv’s helped that along. I’ve played around with all the positions, standing up, tandem etc. I’m experimenting with paddling technique, weight shift etc. It’s a different kind of horse… Quick quips: stable, versatile, comfortable…
Speed: 3.5mph cruise, 5.0mph sprint, basically comparable with my 13′ day touring yak.
A guy on your forum called it a “kayakanoe”, pretty accurate.
I’ll send a comprehensive report after I’ve had more familiarization, done some customization, and have taken some photos.”

Rod in his W500 fishing kayak, Lake George, Colorado

-“I discovered your micronautical.com site, very interesting… I especially like the solo sea/touring designs.

Suggestion: Add a loop at the 4 corners inside of the cockpit as leash points. This could be accomplished using the existing j-hook mount(s) used for the cockpit cover rigging.

Rod Ratzlaff
Lake George, CO”

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Gary Rankel’s New, Rigged W500 Fishing Kayak, Florida

Back in 2006, Gary Rankel was one of the first to write a review of his rigged W fishing kayak.

Now Gary upgraded to a 2009 W500 GF4 model:

2006 and 2009 fishing kayaks on pickup truckbed

Gary plans to keep his 2006 W kayak for guests.

-“Had a few hours without rain this a.m. so snapped a few more pictures which pretty much cover my rigging and techniques, and show how simple and economical it can be to rig the W500:”

foam noodles around fishing kayak cockpit

“Noodles along the W rim serve (1) as extra flotation, (2) as head, arm and foot rests, (3) as a fish ruler, and (4) as soundproof cushions for my radio, as well as for rods and paddle which are repeatedly picked up and laid down.  Regular noodles don’t fit the W500 rim very well so I use the “monster” model (4-inch diameter with a 1 1/4 – inch hole, and a smooth, not rippled, outer surface).”

protective surface for dragging fishing kayak on rocks

“A steel reinforced outdoor mat with bungee cords serves as a cheap and easy way to minimize scratching the hulls when moving the W from Point A to Point B.”

large size collapsibe cooler for fishing kayak

“Large collapsible fish cooler bag packed with flexible ice packets tucks neatly into the hull.”

collapsibe cooler inside fishing kayak hull

“Anchor set-up with rope attached to a large clip which, in turn, clips onto the anchor or heavy duty plastic grabber (for clamping onto mangroves, oyster bars, etc.).  It can also clip onto the rope that comes with the “anchor pin” or “stick-it pin” (not shown, but a 6-foot rod pushed into a soft bottom to hold the W in place).”

Fishing kayak anchor and clamp

And this is a nice redfish that Gary caught in August:

Redfish caught in stand up fishing kayak

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Roxanne’s Motorized W500 Fishing Kayak Project

-“Here is an update on my newest Wave walk yak, the W500:
I am making a prototype out of wood for the console. I may change it to a diamond plate later.”

W500 fishing kayak with console for electric motor

-“I want it to be removable, so when I don’t want to use the trolling motor, I can remove the power head.

I didn’t want to add a Dry box/tackle box to the W500, like I did on my W300’s set up, after removing the power board from the head of the trolling motor. I didn’t want the box up there in my way, it makes for easier dismounts.”

W500 fishing kayak console for electric motor

-“This time I’m leaving the power head together, just cutting the shaft, and wiring the motor (bottom half) with a quick connect connector, so I can unplug the power head and remove it for just paddling.

Again, this will be a foot controlled steering, leaving my hands free to battle my fish.

I’ll send you and update after I mount my plate for the trolling motor.

Take care.


W500 fishing kayak with console for electric motor

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W500 Kayak Review by Tim Kerr – Kayaker, New York

Tim Kerr is a kayaker, and member of a kayaking club in Buffalo, New York. He came to West Newton, Massachusetts, tested the W500, and ordered one right away. Here is his review:

Buffalo, New York. June 29, 2009
The Wavewalk W500 has allowed me to return to the water!

Paddling paddling his kayak standing up

After suffering from sciatica that developed after using my single hull kayak earlier this year, I searched for a more comfortable boat. Not only did I find the Wavewalk, I was immediately taken with its unique design that allows people like me with degenerative disk disease (I’m fifty-one) to lay back and rest, sit up straight or even stand and stretch out.

Tim l;aying down to rest on his W500 kayak
Kayaking is not for everyone but the Wavewalk opens the door for so many people that may have tried the sport and then gave it up because it just plain hurts their back. I’ve got a crushed disk that hates it when I stick my legs forward and then try to paddle as in a single hulled boat. The “saddle” combined with the twin hulls in the Wavewalk is a great invention.

Tim kayaking with urban background
I took the boat into the inner harbor in Buffalo. I didn’t try to lift it myself, I’ve got to be careful about such things. I brought along two extra items, a little waterproof pad to sit on, and a camera box on a leash. Attached are some pictures taken on my second day out. I spent the entire morning in the boat without back pain. The next day I was fine–no sciatica.

Tim paddling his W500 in a canal
PS, I drove nine hundred miles in two days to try this boat, to be sure it was right. I’m glad I bought it. I’m “back” in the water again…

Tim Kerr

Getting out of kayak without getting wet

Tim beaching and getting out the W way: From the front, and without getting his feet wet

Added June 27, 2009:

-“Crossed the Niagara River last week. Was I the first in a Wavewalk? Paddling is going well. Going out to Lake Erie to play in some waves for the first time today…. Getting used to carrying it on the car and made a shelf in my garage for winter storage.”

Update from August 2009: Tim’s first movie W kayaking on Lake Erie, Pennsylvania

November 2009: Watch Tim’s Kayak Reentry Movie From Niagara River, NY

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Roxanne Exploring and Fishing Flooded Back Waters in Her W500 Fishing Kayak

-“Took the W500 out on the Farmington River in Connecticut today, and hit some flooded back waters.
Waters are very high and fast with all this rain, so my target was to get into some back waters that were not easy to get to when water levels are low.”

-“I had to cross some pretty fast water to get to the opening of a cove, W500 tracked great, and paddling cross the current was a breeze.”

Bass caught in a fishing kayak, Framington river, CT

-“As I got to the back of the small cove, I could see where I needed to enter.
Paddling under trees, and over some logs, then over a fallen tree to get into and out of this hidden gem.
I had the whole place to myself, and landed a few nice fish, nothing to really brag about, just new water exploring at it’s best.”

Pickerel caught in fishing kayak on the Farmington river, CT

-“I was in water less then 6″ at times, paddling through with no problems at all.
The W500 handled like a champ, I included a video of me leaving the back water cove and going over the logs and tree to head back to my launch point.”

W500 fishing kayak on river bank

-“Thanks again for this wonderful fishing machine,


Fishing kayak going over tree on the river