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My Wavewalk S4 in brown

By Lee Trolan



We have our S4 down on the dock and I took it out on its maiden voyage on Powhatan Creek at Jamestowne.
We are loving the S4’s stability in the water. Took the grandkids out for a tour of the creek. The S4 performs like a champ and I’m looking to put a minn kota electric motor on it this weekend to allow even further exploration of the creek.
Thank you for your up-to-date communications throughout the transaction and for a great product!


From 11 to 81

Some coincidences are fun –
A couple of days ago, we shipped a Combat W700 and two paddles to a couple in Virginia. The husband, who’s 81 years old, doesn’t plan to motorize his Wavewalk, at least not for now. “Maybe in the future”, he explained.
And while this tandem kayak is in transit, Captain Larry Jarboe delivered a white W500 to an 11 year old client in Key West. The client’s dad told Larry that his son is an avid kayak fisherman, and plans to outfit his new Wavewalk fishing kayak with an electric trolling motor.

I’m thrilled by both sales. Both are heartwarming, and we’ve just broken our records both for the youngest and for the oldest client to become a Wavewalk owner 🙂


Electric W500 for fishing and fun with the kids

By Pyt Rotary (Thrac)

Ontario, Canada

I use the Wavewalk 500 kayak for fun and fishing, and I own two of them.
For myself I want to keep both W500 when I go with someone, each on his own.

For going with my son who’s 7 years old I’d rather have a W700.

I took my kids with me in the W500 but is was a little crowded for me to fish. The W700 will be perfect.

Here are pictures of me and my kids at Virginia beach this summer –

electric-fishing-kayak-with-dad-and-two-kids-on-board electric-fishing-kayak-with-dad-and-two-kids-on-board-Virginia-beach (2) electric-fishing-kayak-with-dad-and-two-kids-on-board-Virginia-beach

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For me it is the Wavewalk or nothing

By John Sealy

North Carolina

Not long ago I bought a W500. The 500 lived up to its billing. I could get in it with dry feet, I could paddle upright without back pain, and it was more stable than any canoe or kayak I’d ever been in. What a great “platform” for fishing and touring.
The Wavewalk 700 is everything the 500 is, and more.

I took the W700 out last week for my first trip and was amazed at how stable it was. The W700 is such a pleasure to paddle, easy to get into, easy to launch, and so incredibly stable. So I really put it to the test….my wife Kathy wanted to give it a try. Kathy is 60 yoa and hasn’t been on the water in 20 years. See the video of my wife coming to shore and getting out of my W700 for the first time. She’s now picked out a yellow one so it was an expensive test!



I’m 63 yoa and am no lightweight. I now have a kayak I can paddle with confidence. In the W500 or the W700 I can stand up!, move forward or back, lean forward or back, and change leg position.
I simply can’t use other kayaks or canoes due to my lower back issues and my size. For me it is the Wavewalk or nothing.

I’ve got fishing and exploring to do. I look forward to having my wife enjoy the water with me and to have grand children explore and fish with me in the 700 or alongside in their own 500.

See the pictures of me getting into and out of the W700:

Launching the Wavewalk 700


1. Just step in


2. Walk to the middle of the cockpit


3. Sit down comfortably, with nothing pushing against your lower back…


4. Push the kayak in with your paddle, and start paddling


Paddle sitting or standing, it’s easy even for a big guy like me

Beaching the Wavewalk 700


1. Slide backward to the rear end of the cockpit – the bow goes up! Paddle directly to the beach…


2. A few paddle strokes and a push, and the kayak’s bow slides up the bank


3. Get up (it’s easy!), stand up, and wave to your fans…


4. Just walk out of the kayak. Feet always dry!

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