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One step at a time

By Dario Lazaric

Melbourne, Australia

I haven’t been in a lot of kayaks before.
I’ve been out with my wavewalk a couple of times, even caught a fish. Stood up, paddled, good fun.
It was tough paddling against the wind and waves, but I’m very happy with it, and it can do much more than in the conditions I took it out in.
Will take it out again sometime when the wind isn’t too strong. I want to get the motor on board as well, but one step at a time. I need to get an anchor, how do I attach it?
Very happy with it. I feel very safe and happy in the wavewalk.







4 hp mercury outboard. Fitting the transom mount



20″ propeller shaft



Will need wheels to carry the wavewalk to the beach with the motor attached to it.

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Wavewalk 700 Z in Melbourne, Australia

By Dario Lazaric

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

If you want something done do it yourself. Wavewalk 700 Down under  🙂
I decided to pick up myself, and here it is safe in the backyard shed, waiting for the 20″ shaft 4 HP Mercury outboard that I ordered for it. I’m going to paddle round a bit before I attach it to the kayak and go fishing in the ocean.

Wavewalk 700 on the way to its new home in Melbourne, AUS


Wavewalk 700 arrived in Melbourne, Australia Wavewalk 700 in its new home in Melbourne Victoria Australia Wavewalk 700 Melbourne Australia Wavewalk 700 Z in the box - Australia Wavewalk Down Under

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Australian Review of W Fishing Kayak as Recreational Tandem Boat

David and Svetlana from Melbourne, in a W kayak –
David is a commercial airplane pilot with an eye for technical detail and safety. Both Dave and Svetlana recently rented a SOT kayak, but they thought they deserve something better, and tested the Wavewalk at Lake Eppalock just outside of Bendigo.
What Dave first noticed was the stability and comfort that the W provided, and said: -“It is incredibly stable, even with both of us on it – we were even able to physically turn around and stand up. Not only was it stable and felt safe, given the height out of the water we were able to enjoy the views more readily”.
David spoke about how Svetlana encountered a spider in the kayak but was able to manoeuvre quite easily to avoid it. This created an interesting moment with Dave saving the day!
David commented that the W kayak “has excellent turning, and was easy to paddle which was aided by the longer paddle and the height out of the water. It moved a lot faster than the SOT, and felt so much easier to paddle” Both also loved the comfort and ergonomic design and are looking forward to their next W kayak adventure.
Overall both gave the W kayak a Thumbs Up!

young couple in W fishing kayak - Australia

young couple in W fishing kayak - Australia

W500 Kayak Review, By Steve Phillis, Victoria, Australia

Steve Phillis is an avid kayaker and beginning sailor living in Victoria, at the southern part of Australia. Before ordering his W500, Steve explained what got him interested in the W kayak:
-“I am passionate about health and just recently have succumbed to back pain as a result of kayaking.

We’ve decided to publish this partial account from Steve mainly as reminder that ‘stuff happens’ is the rule out there, when you’re on the water, especially if you’re practicing ‘advanced’ applications such as sailing:

I.    -“Received kayak and very impressed. I have also purchased Jim’s sail kit, and I love it also. Works well with wavewalk. I will be taking a friend out tomorrow…”

II.    -“People are curious of my new boat. Hit some high winds today sailing (beginner) and the kayak performed beautifully…”

And a couple days later:
III. -“Today a friend of mine tipped the kayak while sailing. It was difficult to right with mast, stabilizers etc… Will need to talk with Jim. I am aware sailing is not the normal… I purchased the whole kit with outriggers etc. Might have been more the operator since I had no issues. I was surprised that it could tip. Glad I know this now than when I’m sailing by myself. Cheers
Steve Phillis”

Sailing a fishing kayak on a lake in Victoria, Australia
sailing fishing kayak, Victoria, Australia

Later, Steve added:
-“Kayaking from a traditional kayak caused me considerable pain, and at the end of
last year I was out of action for 2 months and spent a lot of money on extensive physiotherapy and even had to take time off from work, not to mention that I could not sit in a car or seat for more than 10 minutes without considerable pain. . Determined to find an alternative, I came across wavewalk and purchased one. Guess what? No back pain. I am wrapped and I have taken up learning to sail using it.
Steve Phillis”

Steve standing in his fishing kayak on a lake in Victoria, Australia
Steve paddling in his fishing kayak on a lake in Victoria, Australia

The reader would benefit from watching this demo video of the sailing kit Steve mentions – The sail it features is big and powerful, and it drives the kayak at high speed.  The outriggers that come with it are relatively small, and this fact demands both better sailing skills and extra cautiousness than one might expect at first sight.
Other sailing fans who sail their W kayaks outfit it with bigger outriggers, such as seen in these reviews of Rafael Franck’s sailing W kayak from Florida, and Brian Vickery’s motor sailing kayak with folding outriggers from California.

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