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W500 Fishing Kayak Review by Shaun Wilkeson, Kayak Angler, South Australia

Most of the kayaks we ship are to customers in the continental US and Canada, naturally, but we do happen to ship to overseas clients, and this is the first review we got from Australia. Since Australians use the metric system, we added the info in US units.

Hi Yoav, it’s all good – I’m enjoying the W500.
I did get out in the surf the weekend before last, and managed a bit of stand-up action in some 1m [3’4″] swell – only fell out once!
I did manage to get out on Saturday morning – the weather was good for autumn [Australia is in the southern hemisphere, so the seasons there are reversed…] – the sea was flat and comfortable! I also used the anchor for the first time and that worked great.

fishing kayak on the beach - South Australia

Shaun’s W500 fishing kayak rigged for offshore fishing

I was happy to get 3 nice calamari squid in a short time. The largest is 35 cm [14″] total mantle length.
I’m still not that game to go too far offshore – about 500m [500 yards] is my limit so far.

Calamari squid caught in fishing kayak - South Australia

Close-up on the 3 calamari squid Shaun caught in his W500 fishing kayak

This weekend I’ve planned to give it a try in a local river, the Onkaparinga, and maybe flick a few bream lures around.
It can get a bit chilly here in mid winter . The coldest month is July, with a mean 9am temperature of 10.4 Celcius [50F]

The piece of water I was catching dinner from is the Gulf St. Vincent.

If I’m any good, I’ll eventually be able to send you pics of yak-caught King George Whiting, Yellowfin Whiting, leatherjackets, Snook, Garfish, Salmon and Salmon trout, Bream, Tommy Ruff, and (fingers crossed) Snapper -All fantastic sport fish and great on the plate.



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