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Wavewalk 500 kayak with long tail surface drive for shallow streams exploration

By Keith Sylvester

West Virginia

I use a kayak to go in rivers and creeks for the purpose of relic hunting for Civil War and Colonial era artifacts with a waterproof metal detector.
I make videos of my adventures and publish them on my YouTube channel. I find items such as Civil War cannonballs, bullets, a colonial era shoe buckle, and sometime I get wildlife footage such as a black bear crossing the river.

My interest in a Wavewalk was primarily so that I could use a small gasoline motor in order to get to more remote areas that are too far to reach by paddling.
I have a “Swamp Runner Mini” long tail rig with a 3 HP motor that I thought would couple nicely with the W500. I was looking for a lower-cost alternative to a Mokai.
I found a sand-colored one with Joe Stauder, Wavewalk’s dealer in PA, and I drove up there to pick it up.

I have everything rigged up and ready. I made a short test run over the weekend and it went upstream very quickly in a fast current. The rivers here are all high right now but as soon as they come down, I’ll take it out and get some video and photos on the water.



Dog platform at the front


Test run 2 of the Twister mud motor with anti-ventilation plate

By Chris Henderson


Put the anti-ventilation plate (AP) on the Twister kit and was able to get one of my sons to go out (also a friend saw us test running and had to stop). I was pleased with the results. It handled well and the plate made a huge difference. I still need to work on some things.

The motor really started clattering. I am not exactly sure why. I added some gas to it from a can I had around and it may have been really old. I will drain all of that out and get some high octane gas and put in it for next time and see if that makes a difference. I may be just too much pressure on the $50 dollar motor that has lived as a pressure washer up until now. I am also going to move the AP so as to make the prop a little less efficient. I think that may make it a little easier on the motor (sacrificing some thrust). I was messing with the trim but not yet satisfied with where I ended up. And as luck would have it it was high tide so no skinny water to be had.

I will do more testing to get it dialed in. I think I have accomplished my goal of proof of concept. Some lights, registration, and a blind to finish and the I will be ready for the season.



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John and Jeanne Exploring Fox River By Kayak, And Catching Fish Too – Wisconsin

Jeanne asked if I wanted to get some exercise and explore some stretches of river that we haven’t paddled before. Yes was my answer and we put the W’s in the truck and headed off for more exploration. This was just intended to be a touring trip but I always seem to take one fishing rod along, I can’t help it.
It was a stretch of the Fox river that I figured would be scenic but not hold many game fish.
The water was very stained as I predicted and I spotted many carp moving about. We approached a bridge and I couldn’t resist putting the paddle down and fishing the current break with my jointed Rapala. As I retrieved my lure near the boat I was startled by a set of jaws almost jumping into my W and grabbing my lure! I could not see what grabbed it because of the splash and because I almost jumped up in the air seeing jaws appearing last second out of the stained water! Much to my surprise it was a frisky Catfish. It was a first for me, catfish on a floating minnow bait and first cat in the W. I still had hope for maybe a bass or pike in this dark water. Then we spotted some back water that seemed to be blocked by brush and tree branches. I figured it is time to take advantage of the W’s ability to climb over obstacles. Bingo, it paid off again, getting into tough spots with the W. I found an area holding Largemouth bass and had fun catching them on the surface. What a blast!

Kayak fisherman showing a catfish he caught on Fox river, WisconsinKayak fisherman showing a bass he caught. Fox river, WIJeanne touring Fox river in her kayak.