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In the beginning…

I wonder, how many of you have watched this old video?

I thought I’d re-post it on the occasion of it reaching 50,000 views. This sounds like a lot, but we posted in 9 years ago, in 2007.
The boat seen here is the original W300, before the modification we did in 2008.
The paddler is me, but I looked much better back then, and I was in better shape too 🙂

Back then I was still focused on the surf-play market… 😮 and good people like Gary Rankel, Jeff McGovern and Rox were trying to explain to me the advantages of the Wavewalk design for fishing 😀

The W300 was 10’4″ long and 25″ wide (this is not a typo). Unbelievably, Jeff and I managed to paddle one of these tiny kayaks in tandem 😀 (Jeff is bigger than me), and an Englishman named Jim McGilvray outfitted his with a 2.5 hp Suzuki outboard (and DIY outriggers).

Time goes by, and we’re not getting any younger, but at least our boats get better 🙂

Aaron landing some large legal redfish and then kayak surf playing…by Lynn Söderberg

Aaron landing a couple of large and legal Reds using the ample room of his Wavewalk kayak, and then taking his W to ride the surf. Aaron just had to try it out and I have to say… he rode with great adeptness??!! haha. I was not as brave or willing to scuff my beautiful W up.







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Wavewalk kayak in Abaco, Bahamas, Brad Barrett, GA

Brad Barrett from Georgia and his family were vacationing in Abaco, in the Bahamas, where they got their W kayak.
Brad’s maiden trip in his W was planned as a tandem fishing trip together with his son. But the dual crew forgot to follow our basic instructions, which are to practice solo paddling on flat water before venturing into any advanced mode such as tandem paddling or surf paddling.
In this case, the two tried something even more advanced, which is tandem paddling in the surf…
To make a long story short, the inexperienced offshore tandem crew attempted to launch their kayak in the surf, and since none of them had any experience in handling the waves in such conditions they capsized.
According to Brad, that was a good lesson …

Says Brad: -“Since then, I used it several times- crossing the surf line is easier than surfing back in. I found that if I was not perfectly straight the approaching wave would push me sideways – I almost wiped out once and it surprised me.
I enjoy using it and I plan to do some jiggering to handle fishing, carrying gear etc.”

BTW, if you’re looking for a better way to grill fish you caught (and meat too), have a look at this grill grate: http://www.grillgrate.com

Wavewalk fishing kayak on Abaco beach - Bahamas

paddler sitting sideways on kayak Abaco - Bahamas

paddler heading off the reef in his fishing kayak. Abaco, Bahamas.jpg

girl paddling a fishing kayak in the clear water Bahamas.jpg

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‘First Impressions’ W Kayak Review, By Sam Wire & Sons, California

I took my kids on a day fishing trip to Calero Reservoir yesterday. Fantastic day! My oldest son told me it was the best day of his life. We didn’t even catch any fish! He just loved paddling around in the boat.

I have two sons, one 10 and one 8. I put one of them on one end of the cabin, myself in the middle, and the other son on the other end of the cabin. The one sitting behind me faces the opposite direction so he can fish out the back of the boat. When we weren’t casting into the weed beds, we were trolling around the lake. I was the trolling motor and my kids each would put a pole in the water on opposite sides of the boat. This boat is just roomy enough for me to fit myself and the two kids in the boat so we can all go fishing at once. It is incredibly stable. This particular lake is a water ski lake so we often had boat wakes to deal with. Boat wakes make me nervous in a traditional kayak, but they are no concern in the W500.

I took it out for it’s maiden voyage last weekend. I went to Manresa State Beach just outside Watsonville, CA. Anyway, the plan was to go fishing but surf was quite large that day and given my inexperience with the W500, I was worried I’d lose my tackle. So I left all the tackle in the truck and just took the W for a joyride. My 8 year old and I dawned our life jackets and paddled out to sea thru 4 foot waves! The waves were going over the top of our heads. But keeping the W500 pointed straight into them, I was able to safely paddle out thru the waves. I had some water to bail out of the boat but we got thru the surf just fine.
Coming back in, we weren’t so fortunate. We made it all the way to knee deep water (really shallow water) when a wave dumped us. In retrospect, I should have jumped out of the boat sooner. But, practice makes perfect.
Your product proved to be superior to anything else out there. I just needed to learn how to use it.

Sam Wire

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