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Fishing standing in two fishing tournaments, and getting results

By Joe Stauder

HBBCO Kayaks

It took a couple of fishing tournaments for me to get into the swing of things. But the last two I finished 2nd & 3rd respectively.

Standing up to fish is almost an unfair advantage compared to the other guys on their sit on top kayaks.

They won’t admit it, but due to their sitting position they just can’t be as accurate when casting, and they sure can’t see their targets like I can, when I am standing in my Wavewalk. Sure once in a while some do stand up for short periods of time (when the water is glass calm), but not all day, like they’re in a bass boat. Like I can!


16 inch bass in my Wavewalk 500



3rd place in this eastern Pennsylvania fishing tournament on the Susquehanna River.

Here are some pics of Me in my Wavewalk working on a 2nd place finish on Fairview Lake –


2nd place at the Fairview lake fishing tournament


fishing-standing-with-sun-in-the back




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Finally, an instability-free kayak for fishing and paddling

Kayak stability redefined – again.

Back in 2009, the W500 redefined kayak stability, and set the bar so high that no other fishing kayak since then has challenged it.
Now, the new W700 redefines kayak stability again, and sets the bar even higher – in the world of boats:
Big fishing kayaks and small boats can be similar in length, but the main difference between kayaks and small boats is their width. Kayaks are narrow, much narrower then boats, and this feature allows their passengers to paddle them. But being considerably wider, a typical fishing boat enables its passengers to stand either along its center line, or on the sides of its deck, a thing that’s impossible to do in kayaks, since they are not stable enough, or at least weren’t stable enough until we created the W700…
The above movie shows that the 31″ wide W700 is stable enough to allow a 6′ 205 lbs guy to stand in one of its hulls, namely on one of its sides, off its center line. In other words, it’s the only “kayak” that features sides in the same sense that boats do, namely areas in the boat where the passenger/s can stand, and not merely directions towards which the passenger sitting along the center line can lean, to some extent.
In the world of fishing kayaks, 31″ is not even that wide, since many top-tier fishing kayaks are wider, and some even much wider than this. In fact, some of those heavy and cumbersome yaks dubbed ‘barges’ are almost 40″ wide, and a few are even wider than this, so wide that paddling them to a noticeable distance is quasi impossible.

The Wavewalk 700’s unique stability level makes it the absolute-stability kayak – the world’s only kayak-sized boat.


Testing the Wavewalk 500 R (movie)

By David Brown

FireIce Firearms, Iowa

Wavewalk Kayak testing. These kayaks are awesome!
Nearly impossible to sink.
They are stable enough to stand up in and move around. They work great for fishing in remote areas and also work for waterfowl hunting in marshes that are tough to get to. There are endless modifications that can be made to make these kayaks fit nearly any need.