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Super Stable Fishing Kayak – New Movie

Here’s another one of those spectacular (goofy?) demo movies we produce from time to time. It shows a rather special stand up paddling technique involving hopping while paddling…
Totally useless in terms of kayaking or fishing, but it’s the best workout I can imagine.

Fishing Kayak Stability Demo – New Movie

This is a new demo video showing what ‘super stability’ means. We show the footage in X4 slow motion so that the viewer can better appreciate what’s going on:

The movie was shot on the Charles River in Waltham, Massachusetts, by no other than Jeff McGovern, from Florida, who was on a business trip here and came to visit us.

Thanks Jeff!

By the way, I’m the one demonstrating the Wavewalk kayak – I’m 6 ft tall, and I weigh 195 lbs.


Standup Kayak Fishing – Choosing a Stable Fishing Kayak

You may ask yourself “how stable should a fishing kayak be for me to feel comfortable in?”
The answer is simple, and widely discussed on this blog, but pictures are better than words, and a movies are the best for showing such things.
So, according to us, a fishing kayak should be stable enough to enable you to fish from it standing in full confidence, and this is the basic test in flat water, as demonstrated in this 12 seconds video:

A six foot, 200 lbs guy is standing up in his W kayak, he’s jumping up and down repeatedly, and hopping from one leg to another. The W Kayak is the only fishing kayak that offers such stability, and therefore it’s the only one enabling fishing standing in full confidence as well as paddling standing with the same ease and confidence as sitting.