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The World’s Best Fishing Kayak In Reality

Marketing hype is everywhere, but reality is there too, and you can see it with your own eyes:

This is the first movie in a new series proving the absolute technical superiority of the W500 in all aspects of kayak paddling and fishing, starting from dry and easy launching.
BTW, can people who use other kayaks even imagine what we’re talking about?…

You don’t have to run towards the kayak and hop into it as this movie shows – You can simply walk in, and settle inside comfortably, taking your time.
In any case, your feet will stay dry, and you’ll enjoy a 100% hassle free launching.

The movie shows some pretty energetic stand up kayak paddling, but you can do the same in a perfectly relaxed manner, paddling on both sides of your kayak, or on one side with a canoe style J stroke.

As for beaching, you just slide to the back of the kayak’s cockpit and by that raise its bow, so you can easily slide it up and land on firm ground, step out with no problem, and keep your feet dry, as usual with W kayak paddlers and anglers.

In The Press: Florida Sport Fishing Magazine About Our W500 Fishing Kayak

It’s not often that a major, mainstream fishing magazine reports the fact we offer something new, useful and exciting to the fishing world.

Mike Genoun, the editor of Florida Sport Fishing magazine published this short news story in the New Products section of the magazine’s March issue (paper):

Story about the world's most stable fishing kayak - Florida Sport Fishing Magazine

Thanks Mike!

A Classic W300 Kayak Movie

Most people think that paddling a kayak in flat water isn’t very interesting. They are right, when sit-in and SOT kayaks are considered, but flat wrong when W kayaks are:

This movie is one of my favorites. It shows the W300 performing like no other paddle craft before, and highlights some of the W important advantages for paddling, touring and kayak fishing.

The reason I chose to post it again on this blog is because I recently discovered how to add annotations to YouTube videos 😀


‘Second Impression’ W500 Fishing Kayak Review, by Norm

Norm Craig, a from Rhode Island, had serious back surgery only months ago, and realized he couldn’t go fishing in a canoe or a regular kayak. He became the first fisherman to use our new W500 for kayak fishing. He wrote this fishing kayak ‘mini review’ immediately after taking it on water for the first time, and today he sent us his second impression:

-“Beautiful morning with the big W:

Friday,  I went fishing this morning. The fish weren’t biting but the weather was beautiful and I spent over 4 hours in the kayak. I can’t believe I lasted that long. I was a little sore but not bad. Until today I thought that standing and paddling was a neat trick but now it is my preferred way of paddling.  I’m getting very confident, and it feels great on the back.
I’m Working on a few new gadgets for the kayak. Had some great ideas today.
Saturday; Went fishing and the fish were biting. I had one of the best fishing days days I ever had. Lost track of the bass and pickerel I caught. Being able to stand and look into the water you can see the fish strike the lure sure is a thrill. I spent about 3 hours on the water and again the back was not a problem considering I had a spinal fusion 5 months ago.
Yak works fine, no problems. I noticed a little noise from the wake when I paddle fast. —  Norm”