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Thanksgiving speckled trout

By Jill Toler

North Carolina

What do you get when you put a Sunshine W700 on a local creek, add a Dubiel Pop-N-Fly, a 7 wt TFO BVK fly rod, some Rio floating fly line spooled on a Lamson Guru 3.0, and a 20 minute paddle to just the right spot… a fat, sassy 18″ speckled trout.

What a trip. I went to the infamous Northwest Creek with a similar plan that I have unsuccessfully executed on four previous occasions. Fortunately, trip number 5 turned out a lot better.

I paddled into the wind to get to a point that I was hoping would be holding some fish, and cast the Dubiel Pop-n-Fly toward the reeds and grass. Pop, pop, pause, pop, pause, pop, pop, pause; over and over again while drifting and trying not to be overrun by the trolling motor brigade. I decided to make a move and fish between some docks that had some very unhappy bait flicking around. Cast, pop, pop, pause…FISH ON! Went on a little sleigh ride before I was able to gain control and scoop her up. Best feeling ever!

It’s been way too long since I have enjoyed my Wavewalk and I am very thankful for a little break and a great trip.


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Lou is Having a Great Time Fishing Standing in his New W Kayak, Pennsylvania

Here are some more pics for you.
The new w500 should be called the W5000!
I’m having a blast with it, as you can see.
My standing confidence with the W is no problem. I sometimes use my body as a sail to propel the W boat in high winds for the no paddling experience!

It’s been very windy lately and it was raining the other day which made the catch excellent. Nobody on the lake but me. All the other boats were stored and docked. Oh, the lake was to myself. I had my rain gear on & was having a blast “paddle trolling” with the W 500. I was running one plug on the left side & another on the right using the rod holders in the front. I’m using the Ram “light speed” rod holders….just bought them. They are the best in my book. They are very easy to use…when there’s a fish on you just grab the rod and pull  🙂 . Bam, the rod is in your hands and no fighting with the rod holder.  Also there is a sense of security, meaning that the rod is not going to go in the drink when there is a fish on. It has an extra locking lever, but it is not needed unless you trying to catch sail fish :-). I have other ram holders but these are my favorite. I would definitely recommend these on your site as another option to pick from.
Conquering the wind and rain while paddling was a breeze. Tracking was excellent on the lake due to the design of the boat (dual hull). You’re right about not needing a rudder. The 20 to 25mph winds were no match for the W. My sit in would of been all over the place. I heard other boaters wouldn’t even attempt to go out in the weather I was in. Most of them said that there aluminum boats would be all over the place. Thanks to the W 500 this can be achieved if you have the right tooling….Then its the will power to go and do it, conquering the elements head on.

Lou Fager

Fishing kayak beached, PATrout hooked from stand up fishing kayakTrout kayak fishing, PAClose on on troutTrout caught in stand up kayak, PAFishing kayak with coolerFront view of fishing kayak beached. Pennsylvania

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Gary’s Latest Kayak Fishing Trip Report, Florida

Slow fishing yesterday but the full moon and rising sun made for a great day on the water.
Got a few small trout and one nice one.
I added to the many scratches on the bottom of the hulls by stopping on an oyster bar for lunch and a stretch, but the W remains leak-free.


Full moon rising on the water, FloridaFlorida sunset on the water - Kayak fishing trip reportBig trout caught in kayakGree fishing kayak on the beach

Rigged fishing kayak

Scott Swope, Florida Kayak Angler and Dad

I went in the Intercoastal Waterway this weekend. Saturday morning was my first time on open water and I was very nervous. Just grabbing a fishing pole from the rod holder was scary. I ran across an oyster bed and scratched the hulls.

Sunday morning was much better. I felt pretty comfortable moving around the cockpit to grab fishing poles, cast, etc. I was actually able to stand up and paddle when I got close to shore and knew I could stand up if I fell.
My son was able to instantly balance on the W kayak.

You should have seen the looks I got from the nearby paddlers/fishermen. One guy actually approached me after I pulled my W out of the water and asked to look at it more closely.

Thanks again for all your help and advice. Everyone I meet who has any interest in paddling thinks my W is very interesting.

Here’s a photo of my son with his first speckled trout caught on a Wavewalk near Caladesi Island in Clearwater, Florida

Scott's boy showing the first fish he caught in the W kayak