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Wavewalk S4 for spearfishing – enhanced

We went out on the jetty for a bit and I shot a couple nice snapper. Candy cooked up the fillets.

I made this spray shield from Lexan. Before I bend it around I wanted to see how it does out wide like this.

I also finished my two tank holder for scuba diving. It just slipped right in. I painted plastic dip on top and on the bottom to keep it from sliding around, and cut a groove for the saddle bracket. It fits right in.

We tested the spray shield today.

Candy: -“I’m near the front and this is my current view. Jesse did an amazing job on the spray shield. Pretty much dry!” –


I ended up bending it around, and it works really good –

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Ladder for Wavewalk S4 diving boat

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Florida Fishing Kayaks

I can walk up this DIY ladder with no one in the boat. The motor counterbalances the load. It works so well it is even spoiling me for getting on board regularly.

Remove the stainless hinge bolt and the ladder easily comes off. But, I am keeping it on because it provides enough weight in the bow (10 lbs. maybe) to eliminate the need for a tiller extension when running solo.


Wavewalk S4 with ladder for divers


Full view of S4 diving boat




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Reentry from deep water

This deep water reentry demo video is long overdue –
The footage was contributed a few years ago by Berny Marsden from the UK, who designed and built a DIY wooden stitch-and-glue Wavewalk, with some help from Wavewalk’s design team  🙂
Berny named his DIY Wavewalk “Banana Split”, and his boat’s dimensions and load capacity are comparable to those of the 700 series.

In this video, Berny hops into the cockpit directly, in a straight angle.
It’s also possible to get in from a sharper angle, in a position that’s more aligned with the boat, as well as climb in from the rear.


Note that if there is some water in one of the hulls, the extra weight on that side can make reentry easier if you do it from the other, lighter side.

We’ve decided to publish this video for the benefit of our clients who dive and practice spear fishing.