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Wade Fishing Can Be Hazardous Sometimes, By Rox Davis

July has been a slow month for me.
I was wading the Ct River for some awesome Small Mouth Bass fishing, and was rewarded with some fine Bass.
The only problem with fishing the river is slippery bottoms, especially around the ledges. I lost my footing after a long morning of wading, slipped off a boulder, and wedged my left ankle in between two rocks…
I didn’t break anything, I don’t bounce like I used to. But I had some bad cuts from the rocks’ sharp edges…. and the car was three miles down river…
I walked back, went to the ER, and they cleaned up my cuts, but the 4 1/2 lb Small Mouth Bass I caught before the fall, made the whole trip worth it.

I didn’t get back out till just last week, I was going stir crazy with no fishing since the 3rd of July.

Here are some pictures from the wading to the old yellow W300 kayak pond hopping, and from a fishing trip with my buddy to Congamond Lake in Massachusetts.

The Battles were fast and furious, Med/Hvy rod with 40lb Fireline braid made quick work pulling the bass out of the lilies and weeds.


large mouth bass caught in old fishing kayak

largemouth bass posing for a photo in old fishing kayak

nice bass from fishing trip 07-2012

big bass caught by kayak angler 07-2012.jpg

big bass caught by famous kayak angler Rox 07-2012

big bass caught by famous kayak angler Rox 07-2012

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How can I complain, it’s December 6th, and I’m still fishing out of my yak, by Rox Davis

How can I complain, it’s December 6th, and I’m still fishing out of my yak, the W500.
Today I fished rainbow Reservoir. I left the motor home and paddled… halfway to my spot I was thinking… I’m an idiot, yep certifiable. The motor would have been soooooooo much quicker, and easier. rolleyes
Any who………….I got the the waters edge at 10:45 am, reached my spot at 11:20 am…………frigging winds.   :)
Water was stained, dark tea, 44 to 46 degrees, and the current was ripping.
Winds were light to 10 mph.
They are drawing down water, it dropped a good 4′ by the time I left at 2:30 pm.
Light rain fell almost the whole time I was fishing.
Which was fine, I have my new rain gear, and I was dry as a bone.
Tossed a deep diving crank, chewing the bottom up good with nothing to show for it.
Tossed the blade bait, nada, plus I left 3 of them on the bottom snagged to what ever lurks in there.
Pulled out my paddle tail on a 1/8oz and 1/4oz jig heads.
The 1/4oz had a smoke colored PT, and the 1/8oz a shad colored PT.

I would cast upstream, and bump bottom all the way back to me.
Lost many to snags……. banghead
But when I would make contact, and pop that jig off of it, Thump!
Every time. cha
I moved around quite a bit, but the faster water produced the Bigger Smallies, the slower side perch and smaller smallies.
I ended the day with 8 perch, some were ready to pop they were so fat, and 12 Smallies.

Life Is Good!
Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.

Rainbow reservoir, CT, Rox' preferred lake for kayak fishingSmallie caught in rainbow reservoir on kayak fishing tripPerch caught in Rainbow reservoir, CT, Rox' favorite kayak fishing placeSmall mouth bass caught at Rainbow reservoir, Rox' favorite kayak fishing spot

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A Day Bass Fishing Out Of My Motorized Kayak, By Rox Davis

Storm Alfred really put a damper on things here for awhile. No power until Saturday the 5th, and lots of trees to cut and move.
But that’s New England for you – If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.

I had to get out and take advantage of this great weather on Tuesday. Sunny, slight winds, water tea stained in color, 44.5 degrees to a balmy 49.8 degrees.
I hit the water at Rainbow at 10:30 am and was off the water by 3 pm. Water levels are low, almost to the bottom of the ramp.

I started off with a Rattle Trap, with nothing to show for it, put on a deep diving crank bait, Nada. So I went to my light gear, 1/16 oz jig with a small paddle tail.
Perch, crappies and dace were very active, but I wanted SMALLIES! So I was motoring in my W500 kayak looking for steep banks coming off the flats, and rock walls.

If I didn’t Love this Yak before, I love it even more with the gamefisher outboard motor on it.

bass fishing kayak outfitted with an outboard motorSince time and light is short, I was able to zip to all my spots with ease. Then I would just use my paddle until I needed to make a long run. I’d set up the yak over the deepest spot of the drop offs, cast the Paddle tail up into shallow water, and pop and drop it down the drop offs. I’d pause in between pops for a ten count.
This proved to be deadly, but all shorts, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, with a mix of perch and crappie…
Until I get a great hit, and a head shaking fool ripped off some line – I knew it wasn’t a bass, but this fish was fighting hard. I get her up top, and it’s a huge dace – Snap a pic, and sent her back.

As I moved down the channel, I found what I was looking for – a steep drop from 12′ down to 25′.
Working the lure down to the edge, I gave it a good pop, and opened the bail so the bait would float freely down to the bottom of the 25′… which takes forever with a 1/16th jog head.
As my line went slack and told me I was down on the bottom, I count to ten, gave it a sharp pop, and followed it back to the BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Fish on -
This bad girl didn’t want to come up, but she had no choice.
With the net ready, I scooped her up: Big Fat and Beautiful 18 1/2″ Small Mouth – Toooooooo bad I took a bad picture, I didn’t check the sun location before letting her go.
I paddle back to the last boat position. I cast the jig up shallow again, popping it along the bottom,
and as it started it’s fall to deeper water, the line started going sideways, set the hook, and the battle was on.
Another chunker ripping drag ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ She breaks the surface, and Holy crap, she’s bigger then the last one. She doesn’t want nothing to do with my net, and dives under ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I bring her back up and snag her in the net.
SWEET!! Another Fatty, 19 1/4″ of pissed off Smallie!!

All in all a great day on the water in November. Here are pictures of the best for the day.

Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.


smal mouth bass caught out of motorized bass fishing kayaksmall mouth bass caught in motorized fishing kayakfish caught in kayak outfitted with outboard motor

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