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The Return of Rox the Kayak Bass Angler, Rainbow Reservoir, Connecticut

I went to Rainbow Reservoir in Windsor Ct on Monday.
Launched the W500 at 10:00 am, and was off the water by 4pm.

Water temps were 56 to 58 degrees, wind was mild at the start……Hazey cloudy and partly sunny.

I headed straight down the channel and worked it hard.
I found the smallies to be suspending at 10′, after working from the bottom up with a 20′ diving crank bait, to a 14′ diver, to the 10′ diving crank white ( 12 SMB) nothing big, all SM bass and tons of fun.

The Yum Dinger, I fished it like a jerk bait when the wind wasn’t blowing (6 SMB), again, nothing big just a lot of fun.
As I got into view of where I wanted to fish hard…………..I was thinking, man this wind isn’t to bad today………
No sooner did that thought come and go in this pea size brain…..THE WIND GOES INSANE!!!
150 yards to go, and I’m standing still as I’m paddling.

Up yours Mother nature……….. :)

After the gust of winds died down, the bursts of wind weren’t constant, I made it to my spot.
I Started tossing a Jig/craw dark green 1/4oz.
Lots of small fish, just a few small keepers, and one solid Small Mouth Bass.
As I’m working the jig on the bottom in 12′ of water, I paused the bait, then 3 pops and a little wiggle…..
BAM!!!! Fish ON, and my St Croix doubles over.
Up she comes and does a very nice summersault, and three jumps
Up she comes as I get her closer and she tail walks right into my net.

This Smallie made that last 150 yards of hellwinds well worth it. :)

After that, I let the winds work for me. :)
I just stood there fan casting and catching fish as the winds pushed me back towards the ramp. LIFE IS GOOD!
Tight Lines and Paddle Safe all.

First smallmouth bass of the 2011 kayak fishing season, CT

First smallmouth bass of the 2011 kayak fishing season, CT

Rox' bass fishing kayak at Rainbow reservoir, CT

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Rox Makes a Big Splash in Rainbow Reservoir, CT – Kayak Fishing Trip Report

First of all, here’s a must see video that Rox shot from the cockpit of her fishing kayak while she’s seal launching it:

And for all of Rox’ fans, here is her latest kayak fishing trip report, a must read for any bass yak angler:

I went to Rainbow Res Sept 18th from 1pm till 4:30pm.
They are drawing it down again, to fix the repairs they did last Year when they drew it down in Oct, 2009.
I am praying they get it right this time.

Water temps were 67 to 70 degrees. Wind was on and off, partly to mostly cloudy.

Fished cranks, spinner baits, never threw my dingers at all. Picked up the Drop Shot rod, and it was off to the races.
Not sure how many fish were caught today. Lots of Perch, and Sunnies,  smallmouth bass and a few largemouth bass.

Funny thing, I was hooking smallies and right in the middle of them, I got slammed………….But the fish would not come up.
Kept digging in until it pooped out. Turned out to be a largemouth bass, but it felt so strange on the end of my line.
I was only in 6′ of water.
I had anchored up in 5 1/2′ of water, then the next thing I knew, I was in 3′ of water, but never moved.
And a new Island rose up to my left, that wasn’t there earlier???
That’s when I realized, they were drawing water down some more!!!
Time to leave then………………………… I get back to were I slide in………………. And it was new Fresh mud, 2′ of it.

So I paddled at full speed and was able to get the tips of my yak up on the mud, and walked out above the worst of the mud.
Then a voice behind me said… “need a Hand”
I thanked the fellow for helping pull the yak up to my launching point.
The fish Gods will repay him for that Muddy good deed.

Fishing kayak on the bank of Rainbow reservoir, ConnecticutI took a video of my slide in, but it still doesn’t show just how steep the bank is, that is until I hit the water…. It Was Cool!

Life is Good!

Tight Lines and Paddle safe all.

Bass caught in fishing kayak, ConnecticutBass caught angler in kayak, Connecticut

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9 Miles, 8 Hours, 35 Smallies: Darrell’s Kayak Fishing Report From The New River, NC

New River from King’s access in NC to highway 58 bridge in VA.

9 miles, 8hrs total, approx 35 smallies.


Read Darrell’s kayak review: http://wavewalk.com/blog/2010/05/23/designer-front-dash-for-w500-fishing-kayak-darrell-beam-nc/

Darrell kayak fishing on the new River, NC

Fishing kayak on the New River, NC

launching a fishing kayak from the bank of the New River, North Carolina

Darrell holding a smallie he caught in his fishing kayak, on the New River, North Carolina

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Rox Lands a 21 3/4″, 5.11 lbs Smallie On Her Maiden Kayak Fishing Trip On The Connecticut River

Today I took my first maiden voyage on the Connecticut River up in Enfield in my Wave Walk W500 yak.

Skies were bright and sunny, water temps were 77 to 79 degrees, and of course, the wind was not to bad, in the beginning.

Paddle up river and started scouping things out.

I Heard a bunch of noise crashing threw the woods up by the cement wall, and low and behold, 8 coyotes were in there, one stopped to look me over.
It was creepy, but as I reached for the camera, the yote, perked it’s head up and ran back up under cover!!

Armed with only 2 poles, one rigged with a dinger, the other drop shot. (D/S)

Bait fish were everywhere, and I knew what I was throwing, Drop Shot, with a 2.5″ plastic minnow, which was matching the bait perfectly.
I paddle and found some really nice weeds with breaks in them, but open to deeper water.
I started to work the inside weed line, dropping the D/S down in the holes, which was kind of risking it with 8lb Floro P-line, time would tell.
I spot something orange out of the corner of my eye……….. Koi…………….tooooooooooooooo funny!

Koi fish, Connecticut river

I started getting small smallies in the holes, the another, and another, all small nothing over 1 lb, so I put them back as fast as I could.
Untangle the drop shot……………………………….and cast back in.
Which is a real pain when there are smallies everywhere getting out the tangle mess each time.

Cast to the outside edge of the weed line, working it back slowly.

All of a sudden, I could see fish, but they were parting like the red sea, bait fish are zooming under my yak swimming away from something.
I’m figuring its a wolf pack of smallies moving in, and things are going to get real busy.

All while I’m working the D/S back to me, I start watching it in the 4′ of water I’m anchored up in.

As I’m watching the minnow about 4 feet from the yak, all I see is mouth, then ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ out to deeper water, turn baby turn……………………………
Now she charging straight at me…………………..reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel man reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel…………………………….
Up She comes and it’s a BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ turn her back and under the yak she goes, out she pops on the other side and I’m c****ing my pants, up she jumps, I got the net in my hand , she charges the yak, crashes into the hull and Boink, In My NET!!!!
I can’t make this chit up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then I remember to breath, hands are shaking so bad, I pear over the side and there she sits in my Net.
As I lift her up, the hook had fallen out.

Big smallmouth bass caught in fishing kayak, Connecticut river

This has surpassed my D/S PB Large Mouth Bass, which was 3.8lbs from West Hill.
This Puppy is 21 3/4″ long and 5.11 lbs. Man if she was only fat, I could only imagine what she would have weighed.

I spent the rest of the day, anchored up right in this sweet spot.

Total tally for the day, 22 Small Mouth Bass, all on the Drop Shot.

Almost feels silly to post what the rest of the Smallies looked like.

The paddle back was not as easy as my ride out, remember in the beginning of my post, I said the wind wasn’t to bad till…………………………

I started back, all heck broke loose, winds kicked up, I bet well over 20 miles per hour, swells, and even with the current, I was going backwards at times.

Oh Man, and what is ahead of me, but swells up to 2′!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crossing the rapids, was exciting and a little scary at times, but I had my PFD on so I wasn’t to worried.

The Wave Walk W500 handle it like a Champ, I was high and dry, but very very tired.

Grateful for such a wonderful day, and a New PB Smallie on the Drop Shot.


Tight lines and Paddle Safe All.

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Rox’ Stand Up Kayak Fishing Battle With the Rainbow Reservoir Largemouth Bass ‘Pig’ – Connecticut

I took my W500 out to Rainbow Reservoir in Windsor Connecticut on June 30th.

June has really kicked my butt, as far as fishing goes. I’ve caught plenty of fish, but nothing over 2 lbs.

But today, the Air temps were perfect, water was 77 degrees, from 82 degrees yesterday.
Windy, and it was a pain…
Started off with the Carolina rigged worm, with a 3/8 oz weight, fan casting all around me, but the only thing I was pulling in the boat was weeds.
Went to the deeper edge with a steep drop off from 9′ to 22′, started working the C-rig there…….NADA
Went back to my confidence bait, the yum dinger, Texas rigged weedless, and started working the wood.
Remember when I said wood is good.
Well it is, I started pulling in crappies, perch, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass, but nothing with size.
Headed to a fresh tree that came down last week, and skipping my yum dinger, up and under the tree’s outside edge in 8′ of water – Let it sink, while counting to 10, as I reached 8, I felt a tick – Swung back and set the hook hard, Crap it’s Big and heavy, pulling my yak right into the tree.
I’m trying to paddle with one hand to back out, then the wind kicks up, like Gail Force.

I Worked myself and the fish out in front of the tree and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ………… Back in she goes, towing my yak back into the tree once again.
Now I’m almost certain I must have snagged a crap, because this baby was yanking me all over.
I dig in as best I could with the Paddle, and backed the yak off a good 10′ with my bail open…………reel in the slack line, and she’s still there, I stand up and really put the screws to her -
This was the moment of truth, either she’d come out of the tree with my lure still in her mouth…………or she’d be gone. I felt the weight of the fish as she popped out of the limbs, and she gives me a big howdy doooooooooo with a tail walk.
I’m c—-ing my pants, grab the net and pull her towards it, and scoop her up.

BIG Large Mouth Bass – I Get her weight, 5.4 lbs, just a hair over 22″ long.
Man if she was fat she would have weighed a lot more. Long and skinny, and recouping from the spawn.

I thanked Rainbow Reservoir for finally giving up one of her Pigs.

Life Is Good.
Paddle Safe All.

5.4 lbs large mouth bass in stand up fishing kayak

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