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5 lbs bass on my second yak bassin trip to Rancho Seco, by George Brewster

I spent the past two weekends at the fishing hole of our now defunct local nuclear power plant Rancho Seco. The first weekend I caught two about 2lbs and this last weekend I caught two but one was a nice 5lber. Here are a few pics of the trip and the bass that made the trip one to remember.



Fishing kayak in Rancho Seco, California

Bass caught in fishing trip in California

5 lbs bass held by kayak fisherman

New, Top Contributors’ Page

Today we published a new page on our blog. It’s labeled ‘Contributors’, and it’s dedicated to the people who’ve made an exceptional and continuous contribution to our fishing kayak blog, and to W kayak fishing in general.

This is an opportunity to thank them and all other W yakkers who’ve contributed to creating this unique product and great experience. Thanks to their passion, skill, creativity and efforts, we’ve established a form of kayak fishing that actually works for real people in the real world 🙂


Bass Fishing Trip Before The Storm, By Rox Davis

Went to use my pickup on the 25th and darn near drove through the fence….
NO Brakes????????????????????? I think it blew a brake line……

So I stuffed the Kia Soul with my W300 10.5′ long yak, the 12′ W500, is just a tad too long, it might not be legal…… and headed to Rainbow Reservoir.

So I went on instinct, and of course knowing what it looks like under them waters helps big time.

I found lots of runts Largemouth bass & Smallmouth bass, perch, crappies. But in every one of my spots that should be holding fish…I found nothing.
This should be prime crank bait time here, but I only got one keeper smallie on it, Fat Rap in white.

Got a few on the tube, paddle tail and none on the dinger. Spinner bait didn’t get a sniff, CB, Nada.

They were drawing water down big time for the storm that’s coming, of course, it was after 3pm and time for me to paddle back.

No clue what the water temps were, cloudy, dark stained water.
Slight breeze, and no currant till end.

Here a few of the best of the day.
I added a picture of a nice 5lb Large Mouth Bass I caught on the 26th while fishing with my buddy Mike on Congamond Lake.

And Yes, we survived Hurricane Sandy, with only a few limbs down.
I brought both of the W500 in the house, I didn’t want to chance them getting crushed by the huge 80 year old Siler Maple that hovers over the yak shack.

Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

fishing kayak in small car

smallmouth bass, CT October 2012

smallmouth bass, CT October 2012

largemouth bass October 2012 CT

2 fishing kayaks stored in house before hurricane Sandy

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Father and Son Kayak Fishing in Eastern New York, By Don Miller and Clint Miller

Don Miller and his son Clint keep having a great time fishing in Eastern New York, and luckily for us, they shoot great pictures, and keep us updated! 😀

Dad yak bassin eastern New York

Don yak bassin in Eastern NY

River fishin with stand up yak -smallmouth bass

Clint stand up yak river bassin

Chain pickerel Mariaville lake, eastern New York

Clint showing a chain pickerel he caught in Mariaville lake, E New York

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Wade Fishing Can Be Hazardous Sometimes, By Rox Davis

July has been a slow month for me.
I was wading the Ct River for some awesome Small Mouth Bass fishing, and was rewarded with some fine Bass.
The only problem with fishing the river is slippery bottoms, especially around the ledges. I lost my footing after a long morning of wading, slipped off a boulder, and wedged my left ankle in between two rocks…
I didn’t break anything, I don’t bounce like I used to. But I had some bad cuts from the rocks’ sharp edges…. and the car was three miles down river…
I walked back, went to the ER, and they cleaned up my cuts, but the 4 1/2 lb Small Mouth Bass I caught before the fall, made the whole trip worth it.

I didn’t get back out till just last week, I was going stir crazy with no fishing since the 3rd of July.

Here are some pictures from the wading to the old yellow W300 kayak pond hopping, and from a fishing trip with my buddy to Congamond Lake in Massachusetts.

The Battles were fast and furious, Med/Hvy rod with 40lb Fireline braid made quick work pulling the bass out of the lilies and weeds.


large mouth bass caught in old fishing kayak

largemouth bass posing for a photo in old fishing kayak

nice bass from fishing trip 07-2012

big bass caught by kayak angler 07-2012.jpg

big bass caught by famous kayak angler Rox 07-2012

big bass caught by famous kayak angler Rox 07-2012

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