Our fishing trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

By John Fabina


Went up to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, fishing, paddling, and shooting pictures…



Fellow-fishermen-on-the-Michagamme- River
The others fishing from their Wavewalk kayaks




Selfie with a smallmouth bass


A deer on the shoreline


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Bassin’ a lake where the big boats can’t go (video)

By Joe Stauder

HBBCO Stand Up Fishing Kayaks

My Wavewalk got me to a honey hole! The Bass were hungry on a lake where the big boats can’t go! The Top water bite was on, what a blast! I tied on a chug bug first thing and I caught six but did not get them all on video. I did manage to get three on video By switching between a do nothing worm & a chug bug I just hammered them. They were taking both with a vengeance. What a morning!



This trip reminded me why I love my Wavewalk kayak, by John Fabina

I thought I would find my way back to an old beaver hut that always held a few nice fish.
This would take some standing to visualize the route.
While standing and paddling through these tight spots I hit a submerged log and a clump of reeds, and I lost my balance both times.
The beauty of the Wavewalk is that if you lose your balance you can simply collapse down, which will take you to the center bench seat.
The Wavewalk is very forgiving, and gives you the instant to recover safely and not flip over like I would have definitely done in a conventional kayak.
Both times I realized the loss I would have experienced, camera, smart phone, tackle, etc. Not to mention the soaker!





Last time it was a nice Walleye and a few pike. This time it’s a bunch of rock bass and this chunky perch. I love this type of fishing… when you feel that you have discovered a spot all for yourself.


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Bass fishing video from the second day of summer, by Michael Chesloff

Al Lunn and I went bass fishing together, and let the video tell the rest:


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