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This trip reminded me why I love my Wavewalk kayak, by John Fabina

I thought I would find my way back to an old beaver hut that always held a few nice fish.
This would take some standing to visualize the route.
While standing and paddling through these tight spots I hit a submerged log and a clump of reeds, and I lost my balance both times.
The beauty of the Wavewalk is that if you lose your balance you can simply collapse down, which will take you to the center bench seat.
The Wavewalk is very forgiving, and gives you the instant to recover safely and not flip over like I would have definitely done in a conventional kayak.
Both times I realized the loss I would have experienced, camera, smart phone, tackle, etc. Not to mention the soaker!





Last time it was a nice Walleye and a few pike. This time it’s a bunch of rock bass and this chunky perch. I love this type of fishing… when you feel that you have discovered a spot all for yourself.


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A river rat’s kayak fishing trip down the W. Susquehanna river, by Joe Stauder

The fall feed is on in PA, and it creates great fishing opportunities.
Here is one of the Smallmouth bass I hooked while on a 10 mile float down the West Branch of the Susquehanna river, in my Wavewalk kayak.

I’m not much of a story teller but I stood up most of the time which allowed me to wing a crank bait out and run it through the deep water haunts where the breeders lay.

I had no need to stop, cause I could stand to fish and sit down to relax every so often. This is extremely important to me cause I have gone through three back surgeries and I need to be able to stretch out once in a while so I don’t get stiff.

There was a stiff cross wind blowing up river which would be a problem with any other kayak, but my Wavewalk tracked straight and true even in the cross wind.


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This fishing kayak is doing what I wanted it to do, by Paul Mayer

I teach in one of the state’s community colleges and the weeks before graduation were my most busy time of the year. After I devoted some time to administrative activities, my summer vacation began. That means I had some time to fish.
I have not used my W as much as I would like, but have caught some nice smallmouths on maybe six trips with the boat. I am determining how I want to outfit it to be the most efficient for my style of fishing. I have not yet had time to add anything to the W, instead I spent that time fishing! I have only taken it to a small lake each time, and have not yet put it in the Penobscot River – another of my favorite places to fish for smallies, but tougher water to navigate and fish.

I can tell you that the W is much more comfortable to fish out of than my 16’ [brand name kayak]! I can stand up in the W to stretch my lower back while fishing and then am able to step right out of the W after five or six hours of fishing! So, it’s doing what I wanted it to do.
I have taken the W out in some good wind to see how it performed compared to my canoe and my standard kayak. The W is much better! The W is more stable in the wind and easier to handle than my [brand name kayak] or my [brand name] canoe, too.
So far, I’m very happy with my W. I like it!

Am planning on retiring next June and will have more time to spend outfitting and using my W then. I will also be able to share more stories after that, too.

Best wishes,


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