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Big Birthday Red and Slam, by Gary Rankel

I got my second biggest redfish in 10 years today, my birthday, as part of a slam with a few seatrout, a nice snook, and a few smaller reds and other species. It took an hour to get the big dude in.

I have a policy of always buying something for myself on my birthday so I can count on getting at least one thing I like. No need to do that today.

Fall is here – whoopie!!


biggest red 018









Snook is number 2 on the slam



Seatrout is number 3



This jack joined the birthday party



Bonus redfish




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First slam of the year – snook, redfish and trout, by Gary Rankel

Just me today but got a nice snook, a couple of redfish and a few small trout, so I got my first “Slam” of the year (the term used around here to describe catching those 3 species in one day). Also, how often do you see herons sitting on top of a tall tree?




Heron fishing at Ozello wildlife refuge



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New slam (seatrout, redfish, snook) including my biggest trout in six years, By Gary Rankel

Taking advantage of the nice weather down here this week, I got a slam (seatrout, redfish and snook) today. The snook and red were small, but the trout was my biggest (23 inches) in 6 years fishing from my Wavewalk down here. Also had 3 big reds try to inhale my topwater lure, but couldn’t get them hooked. What a great day, and what a wonderful way to fish.


december 2012 slam - 23 inch seatrout

december 2012 slam - redfish

december 2012 slam - snook

fishing trip - scenic view

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