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Tarpon in my Wavewalk 700 kayak

By Dave Hernandez

St. Augustine Paddle Sports

Living the Wavewalk life 🙂

I love fishing from Wavewalks here in the St. Augustine area of Florida. Depending where or how I plan to fish is how I decide which Wavewalk I use. I was targeting sheepshead on this outing so took out my W700.

Slow day on the sheepsheads bite but tarpon where rolling all around us. Will Niemann cast netted some mullet so we were able to fish for them. We each were able to catch one so we were pleased to say the least. I was happier because it was my first tarpon. Go to St Augustine Paddle Sports to check out the Wavewalk’s and rent one to get your catch of a lifetime.



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Sheephead for dinner, by Kevin Eastman

I finally got around to making my motorized W legal and registered it this week, so now I can travel the waterways without fear of a ticket. Super Bowl Sunday was a beautiful sunny afternoon, so I decided to utilize the motor and fish the inside of the jetties at our inlet, an area that I don’t often paddle to because of the distance and current.

I was hoping to get some sheepshead for dinner and did find that a couple were interested in my bait. I had a monster hooked and unfortunately, the hook pulled after a short battle. I did manage to land one of his smaller relatives and that one will be joining me for dinner.

Cheers, Kevin

sheephead in fish net - Florida fishing trip

fisherman showing sheephead - Florida

Report On A Successful Fishing Trip – Ozello, Florida, By Gary Rankel

Dick Sherman and I had a nice day out of Ozello, Florida.
Dick landed a 25 inch redfish which he may be consuming as I type this, and we each had several more big reds on. Dick also caught a Sheepshead (also called a convict fish by the locals for obvious reasons) on a surface lure which is a super rare occurrence – I’ve yet to catch one in 6 years of fishing. I landed a jack crevalle, and a super-hungry 5-inch lizard fish that tried to swallow a 4-inch lure. Unfortunately, my big reds shook off before I got pictures of them, but it was a blast watching them swim underneath the W kayak.

kayak angler showing sheepshead he caught on a surface lure

Dick Sherman Showing The Convict Fish He Caught On A Surface Lure

Jack Crevalle landed in fishing kayak, Ozello, FLlizard fish caught by kayak anglersunrise on the water, view from a fishing kayak, Crystal River

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