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Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club recruiting new members

By Gary Rankel


Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club


Our retirement community of about 2,300 people in Citrus Hills, Florida held its annual Activity Club Showcase yesterday where leaders of the many clubs and activities offered were provided tables on which to display handouts and other club materials. I drafted a handout on the Kayak Fishing Club I established last year and made it available along with other materials highlighting the fishery along Florida’s Nature Coast. I included handouts and pictures describing and depicting the Wavewalk, and answered questions about the sport and fishing kayak types.

While most of the old fogies attending congregated around the poker and bridge club tables, a few of the more adventurous ones stopped by expressing interest in the club. I offered “show-me” outings to a couple who wished to give my Wavewalk a try.

All in all, it was a good three hours spent. Hopefully, it will result in a few more club members.







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Kayak fishing still possible

By Gary Rankel

Well, we got 3 Wavewalkers together today who managed to paddle through their ailments for a nice, albeit slow fishing day on the water.
Bob Smaldone’s juiced up W allowed him to leave Art Myjak and I in his wake while giving his bum shoulder a rest.

Art, still recovering from a stroke last year, paddled just fine, but needed a cane and a bit of help from me to get his W over a 50-yard section of beach to the water, So far, so good, for me – just a bit of dementia, but I still remember where all my hot spots are and what my wife looks like!



Art caught a fish! Art fishing at a distance Bob and Art fishing from their kayaks Bob fly fishing standing in his electric kayak Bob standing next to his electric W500 fishing kayak three Wavewalk 500 fishing kayaks on the beach 1024



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The gang of four in another fishing trip to Ozello, by Gary Rankel

Bob joined Art, Dick and me for a Wavewalk foursome out of Ozello this morning. It was a beautiful day but the fishing was slow. I did managed a small redfish and nice seatrout, and a few other trout were caught. We were definitely the topic of conversation among a few boat fishermen who happened upon us.



Left to right: Dick, Bob and Art shot by Gary from his own W kayak


Dick Sherman as cozy as it gets, fishing out of his W kayak

fly-fisherman-standing-and -casting-12-2013

Bob is the stand up fly angler in this gang of fishermen


Bob working the mangroves at dawn



Left to right: Dick, Bob and Art paddling their kayaks



The kayak fishing gang deployed (left to right): Art, Bob, and Dick


Art fishing the mangroves after having rigged the rod holders to his liking


Very nice trout getting its picture taken by Gary, while visiting his kayak named Packeryakker

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The slippery slope – launching safely from a steep boat ramp, by Gary Rankel

I’ve been meaning to mention another advantage of the W that I’m not sure you’ve addressed on your website –
I occasionally launch my W on steep concrete boat ramps. These ramps usually are covered with slippery algae beneath the water surface making it dangerous to enter a SOT or Sit-in kayak from the middle while standing on the slippery surface.
A friend of mine trying to enter his SOT a few weeks ago fell flat on his rear (luckily he was not hurt, just wet). With the W, you simply push it in the water so that it nearly floats and the area between the entry hulls is dry, then jump on the seat from between the hulls while pushing off, thereby managing a perfect launch.


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