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Fishing and paddling on lake Ottsjö

By Kent Johnsen

Fiskekajak, Sweden



Lake Ottsjö is a great place for paddling and fishing. It’s 20 minutes from my house.


Our two motorized W700






We caught some fish…



W700 on top of electric car


Christer taking a break from fishing



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Paddling and fishing in Kachemak bay, Alaska

By Pat Irwin

Homer, Alaska

I’m working my way up to a longer trip so the only pics I have right now are random photos around the bay in front of my house. The salmon are running (spawning) right now so my focus is to fill the freezer for winter.

This pic is from a rainy fishing day. The W500 pointing toward Grewingk Glacier and the Harding Ice Field.

BTW, the 500 is helping my MS by allowing me to stay even more fit than if I use my bicycle only. This boat is great!

Grewingk Glacier and the Harding Ice Field viewed from the kayak 1024


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The Pursuit of Kokanee begins… with Trout

By Chris Henderson

Fishing Kayaks of Gig Harbor

I will confess I am addicted to kokanee. They are a land locked sockeye salmon and IMHO are the best tasting fresh water salmonid. They are a challenge to catch in that they are very picky. The right color that they will bite on will change from hour to hour, so you have to have an arsenal ready when you go out. They can even get picky over how you flavor your corn. White shoepeg corn is the preferred bait, however, some add tuna oil, shrimp oil, even garlic. One day they will like one thing and the next day in the same lake, they will hit something else! In addition, they are very temperature selective, and will school at very specific depths.

It is early yet but they are starting to be caught at American Lake in Washington. I had yesterday off so I loaded up the Wavewalk W500 NWDR. The NWDR (Northwest Downriggin) is our favorite (and most popular) way to rig the W500 to turn these kayaks into fishing beasts. The downrigger (basically a weight with its own reel) allows for precise depth control. With the two front rod holders I am able to fish two lines at very different depths and the rocketlaunchers in the back hold the net and the Gopro. Because it is early the fish are very near the surface so I had one line clipped in at 19feet and the other I was just trolling on the surface. This was in 80-90 feet of water. This is a big lake and wind and waves can come up, but in the Wavewalk I am not concerned. I was trolling (.8 to 1.5 mph) all day from 6:30 am until I got back to the ramp at 2pm in a variable 5-10 mph wind and had no problems whatsoever.

Unfortunately I was not able to locate any kokanee yesterday. But the trout saved the day by being very willing and hungry. I released them at the beginning of the day, but after realizing that the kokanee were not going to bite what I had brought I decided to take what I was given and have something to take home for dinner. I ended the day with my 5 trout limit of 1 cutthroat trout and 4 rainbows. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the meat!

Fun to be fishing again.

American Lake Map


cutthroat-trout-and-rainbow-trout - cooked and served


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Pink Salmon round 2

By Chris Henderson

Went fishing with my son Drake for one last chance at the pinks. One of those should have been here last week deals. Knew it was coming to a close in the salt for pinks but last week was too stormy so what are going to do? Go fishing!
Anyway, we finally found some on Foss Waterway but they were all crowded into one area by a fuel dock. Too much of a combat fishing situation. But a school of fish decided to leave and head for the mouth. They were jumping and dolphining away, so we gave chase. We were able to get two or three casts and then would have to paddle to keep up casting in front of the school. I finally hooked into a nice fish that put up a great fight. Better than the other pinks I had caught. He was about 2.8 lbs. but fought better than that! Kokanee rod is the only way to go for pinks.

Enjoyed the day with my son, and got some fish in.


Pink salmon 2 640



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Pink Salmon in Puget Sound

By Chris Henderson

One of the great fisheries we have here in Washington State is the pink salmon. They run every two years (so every odd year). They are plentiful and aggressive on anything that is pink. They also have a habit of migrating close to shore. This makes them very accessible to shore fishermen and they are a lot of fun. They are not as desirable on the table as some of the other salmon, but they do better than most fish (it is just that we are spoiled out here on the West Coast). Because of their numbers there is healthy limit (4 salmon) and so a lot of people pursue them. This creates the situation known as “combat fishing.” Fishing elbow to elbow on the rivers. NO THANKS!
That is where the Wavewalk comes in. We are able to launch at a park in the City of Tacoma and hit the mouth of the Puyallup River (where the fish are headed) and fish without all the crowds. There are still quite a few boats that come by but it is nothing like the river. Great having a boat that can get you where the fish are and away from the crowds!

Having a great fishing season this year!

Tight lines,








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