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Views from my kayak, by Harry Selsor

Eagle soars past the Wavewalk
Eagle soars past the Wavewalk

Took an early evening paddle on the Broward after supper…had a few photo opportunities…


Reflections On Broward





Eagle launches from a pine tree

Eagle launches from a pine tree


Great Egret soars overhead
Great Egret soars overhead


Roseate Spoonbill overflight
Roseate Spoonbill overflight


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Great Egret on the Broward, by Harry Selsor

A Northeastern wind courtesy of Hurricane Cristobal brought a little respite from the high humidity and dog days of August weather pattern.

Tides were favorable for a morning excursion on my wavewalk so I headed out to check out my recently repaired lens. I went to the “Secret Hideout” on the Broward River and found the Great Egrets and some Tricolored Herons enjoying the morning. Got a few loud protests as I paddled my kayak by the tree.


Reflections On Broward

Great Egret





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PS –

Went back to the “hideout” this morning and found a pair of Roseate Spoonbills…they let me drift right under them and take few hundred photos before heading off for breakfast…the Great Egret also stayed a bit longer. When I returned to the dock area got a few of the Little Blue Herons also. Harry





roseate-spoonbill (2)

roseate-spoonbill (3)

roseate-spoonbill (4)

roseate-spoonbill (5)


Road trip, by Harry Selsor

Took my Wavewalk for its first road trip yesterday using my Ford Transit and mounted it to the roof top. Did fine. Unfortunately not a bird was seen on the river but I had a great time anyway. The Wavewalk “ferried” nicely, was easy for me to load and unload.


Reflections On Broward



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Pond hopping with a W yak on a leash

Tandem kayaking isn’t easy, especially when you have to do some portaging as you move from one body of water to another.
This movie shows how much easier everything is with the Wavewalk 500 kayak:
You can launch it practically anywhere, paddle and pole anywhere, and beach it anywhere, and you get to keep your feet dry – always.

Portaging is a breeze – just attach a strap or a leash to this kayak, and pull. It’s light weight and flat hulls allow you to carry it in rough terrain and across long distances.

This is the world’s stablest kayak, and its passengers can paddle it standing or in the comfortable and powerful Riding position.

It’s the ideal kayak for both Touring and Fishing, as it offers unrivaled mobility and more storage space than any other kayak.

This video was shot in Borderland State Park, in Massachusetts.

Wavewalk 500 F2 first prize at the Hudson River Striped Bass Derby

The Hudson River Fisherman’s Association (HRFA) is offering a Wavewalk 500 F2 and W paddle as first prize in its annual Hudson River Striped Bass Derby that will take place on April 26 – 27, 2014.
-“This fishing tournament attracts striper anglers from as far as North Carolina” Says Fred Rung, HRFA Vice president.

The second prize in this tournament is $500 in cash, and the third prize is $250.
Visit the Hudson River Striped Bass tournament’s website for more information >

This striper fishing tournament has been taking place for many years, and it is open to all anglers, and not necessarily just to kayak anglers.
This is one of the primary reasons that prompted Wavewalk to donate a W kayak and paddle to serve as first prize in it. The idea is to show that the W500 is more than a fishing kayak, and it can be appreciated by anglers who fish out of various motorboats, and not just out of kayaks, even in big northern rivers such as the Hudson.


striper fishing standing in a kayak
Rox’ epic striper fishing trip