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Road trip, by Harry Selsor

Took my Wavewalk for its first road trip yesterday using my Ford Transit and mounted it to the roof top. Did fine. Unfortunately not a bird was seen on the river but I had a great time anyway. The Wavewalk “ferried” nicely, was easy for me to load and unload.


Reflections On Broward



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Pond hopping with a W yak on a leash

Tandem kayaking isn’t easy, especially when you have to do some portaging as you move from one body of water to another.
This movie shows how much easier everything is with the Wavewalk 500 kayak:
You can launch it practically anywhere, paddle and pole anywhere, and beach it anywhere, and you get to keep your feet dry – always.

Portaging is a breeze – just attach a strap or a leash to this kayak, and pull. It’s light weight and flat hulls allow you to carry it in rough terrain and across long distances.

This is the world’s stablest kayak, and its passengers can paddle it standing or in the comfortable and powerful Riding position.

It’s the ideal kayak for both Touring and Fishing, as it offers unrivaled mobility and more storage space than any other kayak.

This video was shot in Borderland State Park, in Massachusetts.

Wavewalk 500 F2 first prize at the Hudson River Striped Bass Derby

The Hudson River Fisherman’s Association (HRFA) is offering a Wavewalk 500 F2 and W paddle as first prize in its annual Hudson River Striped Bass Derby that will take place on April 26 – 27, 2014.
-”This fishing tournament attracts striper anglers from as far as North Carolina” Says Fred Rung, HRFA Vice president.

The second prize in this tournament is $500 in cash, and the third prize is $250.
Visit the Hudson River Striped Bass tournament’s website for more information >

This striper fishing tournament has been taking place for many years, and it is open to all anglers, and not necessarily just to kayak anglers.
This is one of the primary reasons that prompted Wavewalk to donate a W kayak and paddle to serve as first prize in it. The idea is to show that the W500 is more than a fishing kayak, and it can be appreciated by anglers who fish out of various motorboats, and not just out of kayaks, even in big northern rivers such as the Hudson.


striper fishing standing in a kayak
Rox’ epic striper fishing trip

5 Reasons Why I Chose A Wavewalk Kayak, by Paul Little

I’m 55 years old and very active. I love to hike, camp, fish, hunt and generally be outdoors. I used to do a lot of canoeing and take weekend trips down trout rivers and streams in North Georgia.

Over the years though, my back has really put a stop to that kind of trip. It hurts to stay in a cramped sitting position too long. Kayaks are even worse. I love them, but they were just too uncomfortable to be in for more than an hour at a time.

Then I happened upon the Wavewalk website while internet browsing one day and the rest is history. Wavewalk put the fun back in kayak fishing for many anglers like me. I became so convinced about the superiority of the Wavewalk brand, I contacted Wavewalk about becoming a reseller for Wavewalk.

I recently received my first shipment and they are everything I expected…FANTASTIC!
The Wavewalk kayak comes closest to perfect for me. Here’s why:

1. I want the most stable kayak I can find because I like to stand up a lot while fishing. The Wavewalk puts your feet below waterline in the twin hulls of the kayak. This flat out makes for the most stable standing position in any kayak. There’s just no arguing about that.

2. I am 55 years old and the ole back ain’t what it used to be when I was twenty something. The sitting position in a Wavewalk kayak resembles sitting in a saddle. It has a 6 foot bench seat that you straddle. You can move around on it and put your feet and legs in a variety of positions that keep the blood flowing and prevent numbness and aching pain in your feet, legs and back.

3. The Wavewalk has many times the storage space of any other kayak on the market and yet weighs only 59 pounds. And what fisherman or camper can’t use more space. It’s a superior feature of Wavewalk Kayaks.

4. Your butt doesn’t get wet in a Wavewalk. The only way you can keep your butt dry in a traditional or SOT kayak is to wear waders.

5. Price. I will admit. I’m cheap. I vacillated back and forth for two years before making up my mind to buy a Wavewalk kayak. I kept seeing kayaks cheaper everywhere else. But I never bought one of them either. The more I thought about SOT fishing models, I saw how cramped I would be. I have good balance, so I’m sure I could stand on one, but getting up to the standing position is what worried me. And it was quite obvious the wet butt problem. Standing in the sporting goods store looking at that thing, I could only visualize a wet butt. So in the long run, stability, no back pain, easy sitting and standing, lots of storage and no wet butt won out for me. I feel kind of foolish for taking so long to decide. Some of the best SOT models cost A LOT MORE than the Wavewalk, and once I was convinced of the benefits, the price objection disappeared.

I’m extremely happy with my Wavewalk, but hey, it’s what’s right for me. I’ll never criticize anyone for what they prefer. We’re all individuals and have good reasons to justify our purchases. Hope to see you on the water soon catching lots of fish. Hope you keep your butt dry. I know I will.

This is a video that I shot while trying out my Wavewalk kayak on the Pumpkinvine, just a few miles from my house. The water was very shallow, but had a decent cruise. Just mute the music if you don’t like it. Enjoy!

Paul Little

North Georgia Kayaks


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Back on the river in my kayak, by Harry Selsor

I am publishing today vice Monday because I am going on a weekend bird photography workshop and won’t be here Monday morning

Got back on the river in my Kayak. Traffic on the river is kinda down right now but some of the migratory birds are showing up. Playing fly and peek with Old Man River the Great Blue Heron a lot..you have to get up real early in the morning to get the jump on him. As soon as He spots me coming out the back door he takes off to the old pier or one of his fishing holes. Have not seen the spoonbills for a while so they must have moved south. A few Pied Bill Grebes are showing up in the river but have not ventured close enough for a good photo yet. Hope you are not sick from too much Halloween candy.


Reflections On Broward

WAAAAAAHHH! The Bengals lost to the Dolphins…

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