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First river trip in my S4

Review of Wavewalk S4, Montana

By Noah P.


I finally made it out for the maiden voyage. Floated about 5 miles with the river moving about 4.5 mph.
Once I got my body position in the boat figured out everything went really well.
The creeks are running hard from the snow melt and we had several inlets that I passed that created some rapids and back eddies. Lots of fun. I spent a lot of time standing with no issue.

The 5 hp Honda should be arriving this week and I’m excited to see how it does going up the river.




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John King & Son Running Rapids In Fishing Kayaks On A River In Ohio – Movie & Trip Report

Just a short video of a river trip my son and I took. A small rapids run that the w500 seem to handle very well. A set of rapids that we ran later was larger and had some 3ft swells, that was interesting!
The w500 is not a whitewater kayak but it does pretty well when you pay attention to how the water is moving. What’s funny is at the end of the video my son hung up on a rock that I slid right over…
We ran 4.5 miles of the river in about 4hrs that day, floating and fishing. Another great day on the the water in my W500.
Been to busy the past couple of weeks and have not been able to get out on the water. Have made some Fall kayak fishing trip plans on a couple of larger lakes and rivers.
Hope to have a lot of pictures and reports to send. Till then, hope everyone is well.

John King

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