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Maiden voyage with my Wavewalk S4 and an 8 HP Mercury outboard motor

By Paul Partridge

Rhode Island

It has a 3.5 gallon tank that fits perfectly in the 9 inches wide gunnel, and a hand bilge pump.
The maiden voyage was extremely lot of fun. Took it out by myself.
The outboard had a 9 inch prop, and it went way too fast. I’m going to calm it down. I’ll put a smaller diameter propeller on it, so it doesn’t go as fast. I think it was going between 5 and 6 miles an hour at idle.
It was pretty choppy but the boat handled it really well. A little scary at first, then I fine tuned it and brought the trim down.
I just ordered a handle extension.



Wavewalk S4 with DIY mounting plate and an 8 HP Mercury outboard motor


8 HP Mercury outboard with a 9″ propeller

Wavewalk’s web blast ad for On-The-Water Magazine readers

Here’s a new ad emailed today to all On-The-Water (OTW) Magazine subscribers:

Ad for motorized fishing kayak - Dowsize and Upgrade

The content is self explanatory, and we direct it to all anglers in New England and nearby states in the Northeast that don’t like the idea of fishing out of a common kayak (sit-in, SOT or hybrid) for obvious reasons such as lack of stability and comfort, and reasons that are particular to this region which are the cold climate and the popularity of offshore fishing.
The idea is that local anglers can use our W kayak as a lightweight, high performance car top boat rather than as just a kayak, and say goodbye to trailers and boat ramps…

Offshore tandem paddling in strong wind – learning the hard way, by Denise Guilbault-Langworthy

I love my Wavewalk!!
The first trip out was a bit rough. We took it out offshore on Greenwich bay on a pretty windy day. We (Chris and I were in it together) struggled to keep it straight in the strong current and wind. We were exhausted once we finally made it back to shore.

The next trip out we decided to take it to Roger Williams Park and try it out on the lake. We had a much more pleasant experience! Had no problem keeping the kayak straight and no undercurrent to fight so we didn’t have to work as hard.

We have been out on Greenwich bay many times since but we make sure to look at wind and tide factors before we go. I am considering adding a motor so we can go out on the windy days as well.

One question about the car top carrier – is there a brand that works better than others given I would have to be able to get it up on the roof by myself?

Chris made me a little dolly so when I want to go out alone I can simple pull it down the street and put her in. I am feeling more confident that I won’t tip the kayak so I may take my camera out to take some “in action” pics.

Love everything about it!


Denise Guilbault-Langworthy
Rhode Island

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Bird Watching and Photography from a W Kayak, by Don MacAdam, Massachusetts

The W kayak has performed great! I’ve been to Ponkapoag Pond twice, Morris Island in Chatham, Neponset River and Quicksand Pond in RI. I only had my camera for Neponset and Quicksand so I’m sending a couple of shots. Bird watching has been fun and I doubled up with my wife one beautiful day on Ponkapoag. It definitely handles differently with two people than with one, but no problems, she loved it.

Of course, people come right up to me and ask me about the unique design. I tell them you guys sell them right over in Sharon and to check out your website. I tell them to just Google W boat and the Wavewalk site will list up. I’m looking forward to getting out on the Charles River next.

I was able to suspend/store it easily under my deck. I look forward to expanding my birdwatching excursions to include some “birding” from the water.

Thanks for everything! I’ll try and pass along some more pictures of any future paddles.


Neponset River

Neposet River Bridge

Quicksand Pond, Little Compton, Rhode Island

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Norm’s Summer Kayak Fishing With His Grandson Luke, Rhode Island

Had a great summer, and looking to a better fall with the W and the grandson.

Luke sitting in his grandfather's fishing kayak, and showing a calico bass he caught

We really have been doing a lot of fishing from Narragansett Bay to exploring new fishing ponds and lakes. Luke hasn’t caught the real big lunker yet, but plenty of nice fish like this calico bass.

The W500 is ideal for me and the kid, easy to move and plenty of room for fishing. He can spin around, stand and paddle like a pro.

Norm's rigged w500 fishing yak, Naragansett Bay, RI

Planning many more trips before winter sets in.  I can’t wait to see him struggling to pull in the big 5 lb bass – It’s gonna make a great picture!


Norm's rigged w500 fishing yak, Naragansett Bay, RI