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High and dry, going after Reds in Chokoloskee, by Steve Lucas

I had to get out and fish. So I did. What better place for quick trip than Chokoloskee island park?
There was no early thunder, the wind was blowing between 5 and 10 mph and the mosquitos were sparse. I got to hit my usual close oyster beds and islands with no fear of electrocution.
I paddled the W 500 which allowed me to stand up and even stretch out and take a short nap under some mangrove shade.
I awoke to no-see-ums feasting on my face. I should know better by now but the chance to snooze a bit was irresistible.

I caught a nice Trout that was well over twenty right off the bat but he jumped ship on me as I fumbled to de hook him in the darkness. I bagged lots of small Snook and two Redfish. One was an over achiever and one was around 22 inches. I used the same T & A Weedless Jig and Monster 3 X Shrimp that’s been tied on for the last three trips. My Monster Shrimp finally gave up the ghost on the last Redfish. I’m surprised that it lasted this long after bagging all those over slot Reds with it at Flamingo.

Anyway this was my day to relax and fish.
I left before noon as the clouds started to look especially fluffy. I used the floating dock to land back.

What a pleasure not being soaked all day. Sitting high and dry is really cool.


I Fishhead






Road sign “ENTERING PANTHER HABITAT” on the way to Chokoloskee park





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Aaron landing some large legal redfish and then kayak surf playing…by Lynn Söderberg

Aaron landing a couple of large and legal Reds using the ample room of his Wavewalk kayak, and then taking his W to ride the surf. Aaron just had to try it out and I have to say… he rode with great adeptness??!! haha. I was not as brave or willing to scuff my beautiful W up.







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Nice fishing trip with uneven results, by Gary Rankel

Bob Smaldone and Art Myjak hit the water with me at first light in Ozello yesterday.
Bob got a nice over-slot redfish that Art got a nice shot of, and Art got 2 under-slot reds.
I had a big red crash down on my topwater lure twice but missed both times (darn-it).
I did manage a few small trout.
The wind kicked up in the late morning so we were glad to have our Wavewalks to facilitate the paddle back.
I also had to attach a picture I took Monday of a fellow fishing off a pier in the Ozello area who enjoyed the company of a friendly blue heron looking for scraps.


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Bob posing with his redfish
Photo: Art Myjak
Two fishers on the dock


Kayak fishing for redfish in St. Augustine, by Gene Andrews

I like to fish for reds in very shallow water, up to 12″ deep. The W500 is the perfect kayak for that, since it moves well in the grass and weeds. Sitting higher and standing up give me a better view of the water around me, so I can see where the fish are, or may be.


High and Dry Kayaks

A stakeout pole works better than an anchor in such shallow water
Not every kayak works as well as the W500 for shallow water fishing.