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Days like today are why people go fishing

By Gary Rankel

Bob Smaldone and I enjoyed a fantastic day in Ozello.
It started with a glorious sunrise, and continued with several cooperative redfish and seatrout. I even got a snook paddling back to complete my slam.
The sky was overcast keeping things comfortable and there was just a slight ripple on the water which was perfect for our topwater presentations.

Days like today are why people go fishing.



sunrise-10-30-2014 (2)



kayak-sunrise-10-30-2014 (2)






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The red that almost got away with the rod, by Gary Rankel

Snowbird Art is back and managed a nice red out of Ozello for dinner tonight. It was his first red since he had gone north for the summer, and he was so excited that his rod fell into the water – no worries as he managed to salvage both the rod and the red.














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Finally caught a few in the tidal flood, by Kevin Eastman

Sunday night the high tide was after dark but we had a nice east wind that brought the water in early so I launched for a sunset cruise to the flats. I found a couple of nice reds that came home with me for dinner. I got the last one just as the lights went out and had a nice paddle home in the moon light.

I got out again this morning for few more hours and the fish were on the flats. The water was calm as glass and no wind to speak of so conditions were perfect. It’s not too often it’s that nice for the floods this time of year. I missed number of them but did manage to get a couple of more before the water receded.

I finally got around to make a better standing platform for my seat. It’s a bit longer so I can move a bit better than with my shorter one.



A pair of reds on the new DIY standing platform




DIY fly rod rack designed for stand up fishing


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