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I had a good day yesterday…

By Gary Rankel

I had a good day yesterday, and it fortunately coincided with a photo-only kayak fishing tournament I entered. With lots of competition, I managed to win 1st place for the biggest redfish and 2nd place in the mixed bag category (a 31 inch snook and 24 inch redfish).
This was my first attempt taking pictures of fish according to tournament rules, and it was a challenge keeping them from flopping off the measuring board while also keeping the official medallion visible and then standing up to snap the pictures. Fortunately, the noodles I have on the cockpit rim kept the measuring board from sliding around. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a third hand to pinch the tail for an accurate measurement (I don’t know how others manage to do that).
Anyhow, a good time was had by all, the Wavewalk came through with flying colors and I came away with $250 in prizes.
Think I’ll take the wife out for dinner tonite.


The Winner

Tournament Early Start

Fishing Tournament Flyer

31 inch snook

24 inch redfish

The Fishers

Tournament Awards

Art caught a few redfish and a nice mackerel, and I caught a nap

By Gary Rankel

Here’s a few pictures of Art Myjak with a few redfish and a nice mackerel he caught this last week, along with one of me not catching anything.

Mackerel on board!


The battle of Ozello...
The battle of Ozello…


Fisherman at dawn (Art)
Fisherman at dawn (Art)


I'll fish later...
I’ll fish later…






Dinner at seven?



34 inch redfish on our first season’s trip to Bear Island

By Gary Rankel

Art and I made our first trip through Bear Island yesterday and ran into some nice reds.  He was nearby when I hooked into a nice 34 incher and got a few photos and a short video of me playing the fish.  Hopefully, this is the start of a great spring fishing season.


34 inch redfish caught near Bear Island FL

fighting a big redfish

unhooking the fish

Photography:  Art Myjak

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What a blast stand up paddling and sight fishing on such a beautiful day!

By Steve Lucas

Finally! I got some weather and took advantage. I hit CIP and my usual haunts in the W500. What a blast stand up paddling and sight fishing.

Be warned … Choko is packed with Yankees. And big healthy Trout too. 😀

I missed my salami ’cause I couldn’t for the life of me Red. I did learn something today though… if you want to catch a fish just turn off the video camera.














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End-of-year chunky redfish

By Gary Rankel

I had only one strike in 5 hours fishing today, but it turned out to be a really nice redfish.
I enjoyed watching numerous shorebirds during the slow times.

Happy holidays and here’s wishing all Wavewalkers a great time on the water in 2015.










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