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Wavewalk® 700 Joystick Steering System for motorized fishing kayaks and boats

The W700 car-top boat featuring in these two videos is outfitted with a Wavewalk® TMM 700 HD motor mount and a 6hp Tohatsu outboard motor.


The new Wavewalk® 700 Joystick Steering System can be attached to the boat within seconds, and detached as quickly when you want it out of your way, such as when you fish. You just store it in the hulls, and re-attach it whenever you want.
It’s intuitive, comfortable, and easy to use both in the seated and standing positions.

Steering with this system is more ergonomic than steering with a tiller extension, or with your left arm stretched behind you and your hand holding the tiller, as many small motorboats, jon boats, microskiffs and motorized dinghies are steered.

This joystick system improves both turning and tracking in rough water, and makes steering easy in long drives.
It works both when you’re alone in the boat and with a passenger on board.

When you drive standing up, the joystick serves as a physical reference point that helps you balance yourself.

Controlling the motor’s RPM is done through the throttle grip on its tiller. This is not a problem since the tiller is right behind the driver, and it’s easy to grab instantly when needed.
Generally, there is no need for frequent throttle adjustments while driving a boat.

The Joystick’s base is simply inserted in one of the saddle’s vertical holes, and the plastic coated steel cables are attached to the joystick, boat, and motor by means of carabiners.

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Wavewalk® 700 joystick steering system

Price:  $270.

Shipping: $30 to addresses in the contiguous US, and $40 to addresses in Canada.


Detail: Joystick Steering Handle, Jointed Articulation, and Plug-In Base.


Shipped as a kit


Initial Installation

During normal usage there is no installation required, since the base of the joystick simply plugs into the hole in the saddle, the cables are attached to the joystick by key chain clips, and the pulleys are attached to the boat and to the motor with carabiners. It takes less than a minute to attach the joystick and have it ready for use.

However, outboard motors are different from each other, which is why you’d need to adjust your joystick system to fit your motor, before you can start using it regularly.

There are three things you need to check before you start using your new joystick steering system:

  1. That the cables are inserted properly in the pulleys so they can slide back or forth freely.
  2. That the joystick is centered and moves freely in all directions, without being either too loose or too tight for your liking. To make adjustments to a cable’s length use the wire clips on it.
  3. That all the cables’ wire clips are tight.

The best way to perform this initial adjustment is while you’re seated in your place inside the boat, with the outboard motor attached to it and its propeller lowered.

There is no need to have the motor running when you perform this initial setup, but we recommend that once you’re done, take some time to check your setup in the real world, and get used to driving your W700. Do this on flat water that’s deep enough for your motor to run safely without the propeller hitting the bottom. Remember – a motorized boat drafts several inches more than a human-powered one.

How it works


Periodical checks

Every few weeks, check that the cables’ wire clips are still tight, and grease the pulleys with lubricating oil, or with heavier grease if you drive in saltwater. Well greased pulleys will make driving more smooth.

For greasing the outboard motor’s propeller shaft, please refer to the motor’s owner’s manual.


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